The meaning of Tathagata

智如来。akira nyorai

智 higher conscious, enlightenment !! [akira]

如来 created, like a child is born, reproduced [nyorai]

Hence an enlightened child = tathagata [Budha]

tathagata has an etymoana: tad-agata which is a direct “mapping”/modification of nyorai [rai means “(yet) to come” sama as Indian: agata, tad means: from it/that/there ]

This is then manipulated to mean various things like Budha means enlightenment hence Indian: Budhi = intellect. Almost all Indian words are created like this, 2ndary understanding. [and now called sanscrit] Also remember budha simply means “elements” or “matter” and the energy from matter. Hence this energy when religiofied into a God thats Budha. [like Bishnuj was Sun and Shibaj was Fire/Flame]

Hence in akira 智 [which as you see heaven+mouth+energy/sun hence higher consciousness] you have a “Budha” and any child of Budha is Budha. We are all Budha. What a brilliant thinking man made 1500 years ago, but it essentially stole from a religion now called Hinduism and they in turn stole it from the Vedic nomads and the Vedic nomads stole it from a minority who achieved “intellectual understanding of nature’s elements” hence Science. Science is often manipulated into religion and then forgotten in due time.

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