A magic formula in MS Word.

Removing a blank page from word document

If you have ever come across a daunting problem in MS word where a new blank page appears without your volition and you lose your mind cos you just can’t delete it, relax.

The following will restore your peace if it already was available to you before MS misbehaved. We have covered your back.

I copied the following magical solution from a comment section from the web after suffering silently the fool that “software helplessness” is.  

Yes, the following works like a charming mother in law. Thanks MILs ( mother in laws ).

The approach to unify Language.

The thought of Sun theory of language is “äny word is an alphabet.” Therefore there are infinite number of languages and infinite number of rules of language and infinite number of alphabet. Therefore humanity has only learned to produce new alphabets, and a word is the way to do it. If I say damn, it says: d, a, m, n is an alphabet. alphabet; literal meaning is miniaturization. {therefore quantization} because alpha means less/ap/ab {ap as in apapsis, alpa as in Indianic: alpayu} and bat/bet is adjective-suffix of alpa. {as English: LY in nicely}

A new way to map all Indian alphabet to Hiragana

This innovation is a copyrighted and patent-driven property by developer and owner Manmohan Dash. Patent-collaboration can be solicited by quality names in teh industry to email:

This chart gives you the formula how almost all Indian languages [21?] can be mapped into Hiragana and additional features of Indian language can be accomodated without any special consonat/vowel creation. This means ALL softwares for Hiragana can easily be mapped for any Indian language.

Language and Elitism

Academic bigots have now unilaterally occupied Google Transliteration [to prove their supremacy] I observed this less than a year ago and gradually your options to type a non-native word by using Roman script has been reduced to 1. The one they want you to use which if you study closely has no reason behind it except the ones that are theirs and you have never heard. Elitism. I studied a few words in my native speak Odia, and I am not going to cite any words here

What is Science !

How much do I really appreciate what Science is !

A question I have asked in my mind and I have pondered for a while in answering, while writing this article.

I have always found this sort of out of the circle thinking a favorite pastime of mine. As far as I can recall, into my mind, I see this as a conscious effort, to process what I learn, in a more or less compulsive way, built into my thinking. And as much as I can imagine, I developed such a habit, as a very young student.

To this date, when I have had a pretty solid background in experimental science, through painstaking days and nights of thinking through methods and implementing them, to extract some good looking interesting plots, to being a pretty enthusiastic graduate student, slogging through bunches of home works, to understanding the basic concepts, I have carried a good deal of passion in thinking about, what I have learned and what I haven’t.

My thinking has matured considerably, giving rise to rejection of plain thoughts. In a way, I have formed a judgment of my own to discriminate or rather, to ask more and more questions, in trying to circumvent, pretty simple headed questions howsoever bothersome, as well.

This then to my mind, is, a good definition of science. The ability to discern the value of a question, the ability to focus on the important facets and the preparedness to keep aside “plain thoughts”, if we see the same as a trivialization of sorts is what a good definition of science pertains to, in my earnest opinions.