Removing a blank page from word document

If you have ever come across a daunting problem in MS word where a new blank page appears without your volition and you lose your mind cos you just can’t delete it, relax.

The following will restore your peace if it already was available to you before MS misbehaved. We have covered your back.

I copied the following magical solution from a comment section from the web after suffering silently the fool that “software helplessness” is.

Yes, the following works like a charming mother in law. Thanks MILs ( mother in laws ).

The Microsoft word logo.
The Microsoft word logo.

Step 1: Type some text in that blank page.
Step 2: Then select those text along with last word or character from the previous page.
Step 3: Press the delete button in the keyboard.
Step 4: The blank page has been deleted.

Now type the already deleted text in the previous page.

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