Academic bigots have now unilaterally occupied Google Transliteration [to prove their supremacy] I observed this less than a year ago and gradually your options to type a non-native word by using Roman script has been reduced to 1. The one they want you to use which if you study closely has no reason behind it except the ones that are theirs and you have never heard. Elitism. I studied a few words in my native speak Odia, and I am not going to cite any words here, I challenge anyone to come up with any word in Odia and what its purported transliteration in English MUST be and I will give him why it MUST not be and there are other options, reason: all transliteration rules are quasi-approximate and a make-shift attempt, phonetics and the origin of phonetics of non-native words and any relation they have towards Roman letters and rules re purely subjective and work perfectly only perhaps “NEVER”, and traditional rules might have some importance of reasoning which shall not be thrown away surreptitiously. Why not have the multiple options? Which elite is really so knowledgeable in all the languages at the same time including native rules of English? Don’t abuse public systems of wikipedia and Google by your vernacular whims.

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