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MDASHF, how is it doing online.

All in all, safely, only 2013 saw 50,000 people who followed and endorsed my online presence or who accessed my website contents. (since you can like a page once only using your f-b id and since website visits checks unique IP address, this is a unique individual stats, that is , most precise count of number of people)

#mdashf wants to offer its long felt gratitude. This was possible only because of goodwill of people. There was zero amount of publicity expenditure. Not a single dime was ever spent by me or to my knowledge anyone else towards publicity. I am open to generous grants by individuals or orgs, btw, if you want to support #mdashf. The only expenditures that were incurred was on website layout, theme, fonts, hosting charge etc and the use of fancy all-in-one computer, personal laptop and printers/scanners and yea: BSNL ISP

Status of my websites.

I do not have any more websites except perhaps tumblr which I haven’t visited for months its a free site and mapped from other websites. Social media is a dependent on our free labor and makes us work hard for it, but has been somewhat useful for publicity of my websites. If you have liked reading stuff say yay.

Empire Avenue score is haircut. You take so long to grow the scores like hair, a week of inactivity sees it all to the floor.