#mdashf  is being 75,000 people popular on web, in last few years of discontinuous presence, but 50,000 of that came in last 1 year of which 30,000 came in last 6 months.

#mdashf #social #popularity will within a day (or 2) register 55,000 visitors/fans from mdashf.org and gravatar alone, since counting began in Feb-2012 (1 year 9 months). The gravatar likes are going to be 29,000 in a day or two and mostly swelled from about 5,000 or less about 6 months ago to 29,000 now. Thats about 24,000 in 6 months, 4,000 in a month. That surpasses the about 1000/month visitors to the blog site, mdashf.org, on average for more than a year, so widely, that its safe to say these are disjoint numbers. That is they need to be added to estimate total unique visitors/fans. Other websites visitors such as blogger of #mdashf would roughly be 15,000, all-time stats. The blog-site will touch 26,000 tonight or at-most in few more hours, just 30 short of that mark.

All in all, safely, only 2013 saw 50,000 people who followed and endorsed my online presence or who accessed my website contents. (since you can like a page once only using your f-b id and since website visits checks unique IP address, this is a unique individual stats, that is , most precise count of number of people)

#mdashf wants to offer its long felt gratitude. This was possible only because of goodwill of people. There was zero amount of publicity expenditure. Not a single dime was ever spent by me or to my knowledge anyone else towards publicity. I am open to generous grants by individuals or orgs, btw, if you want to support #mdashf. The only expenditures that were incurred was on website layout, theme, fonts, hosting charge etc and the use of fancy all-in-one computer, personal laptop and printers/scanners and yea: BSNL ISP (bap se na le, India ka sabse pyara) and Honda gen-set when power outage occurred.

One appeal please interact more when on mdashf.org. The only thing thats not so admissible is pretentious strong language. A plain disagreement is fine.


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