12 haikus in Odia

There are 12 haikus therefore in total [Odia-haiku]

(5) ବେଂଗୁଲୀ କଥା (7) ଟୁପୁରୁ ଟୁପୁରୁ ଠୋ (5) କେସର ଗଜା

(5)ବେଂଗୁଲୀ କଥା (7)କବାଡି କବାଡି ଢୋ (5)ବାଳୁଂଗା ମଜା …
(5)ବେଂଗୁଲୀ କଥା (7)କିଚିରୀ କିଚିରୀ କୀଂ (5)ଗାତୁଆ ମୁଷା

(5)ବେଂଗୁଲୀ କଥା (7)ଘାଇଁ ଘିରି ଘିରି ପିଂ (5)ଗାଉଁଲି ରଜା

Writing and derision … Academic.

This blog was inspired by  Sean’s — Sean Carroll, preposterous-universe fame, Eschaton link. That linked website writes stuff just like they should be written. Cut it Out.

So I think I should start something like that, although that’s how I started writing if you “scroll” down to 2007 and check my blog — whats so funny about that? When I first started writing my blogs, the very first ones, it dawned upon me sometimes that I should write really long and blow people’s mind even if they may not read it, so they know I can. Its like driving really fast and blowing people’s head. Recently also I made a few jokes like that, check here. Eschaton is a really good way to do stuff.

Much of the stuff I write goes to Facebook. It used to go into various comment alleys in news-online sites. Back then comments used to be polite even if fundamentally opposite to each other in view. I even made friendship with people who were as far from Mumbai when I was in Japan. I am talking about 2001, 02.

In today’s times comments are fundamentally of two types.

Type 1. One which is pre-loaded. It means a person writes something and has made a few group members, who will come and attack anyone who has an opposite view, even if that person may be a close or known person to you. This is called cold-brutality. Its deadly and against human conduct.

Type 2. There is no such grouping as one sees in type-1 above, but its a trend to say something outrageous. Unfounded, silly and attack the honor, without a real provocation.

In either case it has become a sports of kind which I do not like at-all. Its like religion. Its done for the heck of it and points to a commercial and/or psychological gain where there is role play. One pervert plays the role of a knowledgeable person and another sucker pretends he does not have dignity.