40 ideas in my mind, in a go,

[41 actually, go ahead, some you will definitely laugh]
40 commandments from “life’s a ghetto”. Some jokes are rusty and not beyond the level of racism but that’s because I don’t know my race..

1. Protect yourself, protect others

2. You can fool yourself like you can fool others

3. Looking outward is like looking inward, we are a physical medium through which we see the outside as well as we see the inside. All principles of physics must be valid for our behavior. So learn to let go like the principles caused it. Not you. You are a mere observer.

4. When somebody says you did what they think you did, you did. When you say you did it, it sounds like you are following them. Learn to lead, as much as to follow.

5. Philosophy is the output of casual human thought. Science is the output of thought of the most learned people. Their thoughts are epitome of focused learning for decades. Their thoughts are pristine, in consonance with nature, often useless from a momentary consideration, yet careful and invincible.

6. Compassion is a virtue, anyone can master it, anyone can fake it.

7. humor is like a pain reliever. Don’t take too much of it. Do not hesitate to apply when necessary.

8. A leaf that has medicinal value is not medicine. Nonetheless when necessary use it. We were all apes at one point in our life..

9. A dollar is the most powerful currency even if its not the most valuable one.

10. Science is the opposite of religion. Everyone is allowed to talk about science even if they are wrong. A selected few are allowed to talk about religion.

11. Politics is the step cousin of science. Things that are created in science can be used for politics. Politics can be used to decide the fate of science. Science can be disrespectful of politics. Politics can be vengeful of science. But science and politics must allow each other. and someday they can drink together, make rusty jokes towards others as much as to themselves.

12. Philosophy is a swift passage to unanimity. Science is a natural passage with the possibility of failure. Politics promises everyone a passage, for some it builds tunnel with lights inside, whoever said light at the end of the tunnel, light can also be inside the tunnel..

No sweet corn for anybody. Sweet carrots are expensive. What I see. Doesn’t matter if I was wearing ray-ban or not.

13. God is like a witness. Anything can be done or undone in his name. He who witnesses does not have the power to change. Some people can decide the fate of Gods. At-least they have been entrusted to do so. Their heads are like pumpkins. Yellow from outside. Hollow inside with a lot of seeds for next generation of pumpkins. Also pumpkins are the most cheaply available big size vegetables that anyone wouldn’t deny to buy. Difficult to cook. Sometimes tasty, sometimes unavoidable. When Americans go sane during thanksgiving they combine it with turkey to remember their past. Modern-day thanks giving can be celebrated with Pizza and meats of German Shepherd. Koreans may feel for one-day that they are welcome in the United States of America.

14. Indians often lampoon about what is right about them.

15. Russians love to drive when they are drunk. They tend to think that’s when their mind is working. Also they love to go naked in sauna because everybody else is going like that. Its also a bathing-day for them. Usually the winter is in their heads.

15 Americans love the way they twist everything the opposite way. What about their heads? Is it twisted ??

16 Extra large is a word coined in USA. What a great contribution to English.

17 The Japanese are the most stubborn people in the world. If they think it is left, it has got to be left. For the rest of the folks it doesn’t matter it is left or not. But the Jappy people will keep coming back to the same argument. Its like Egg is white. [but the yoke is yellow, but you have to break the egg to explain that and its not always possible, what if the egg is on the roof and the key to the roof is lost. The Jappy says what if the ladder is available? and you know how to take it from there. But then you decide to stop for upholding cultural etiquette. ]

18 Germans?? How many of them are there really? in this world??

19 Australians belong to the committee of nations, like prison belongs to the city.

20 Middle easterners are enjoying their life everywhere while the media is harping on their plight. Media has to harp on something, how else are they going to make their bucks??

21 There are no cities in India. Of-course there are bungalows, designated and special forest zones inside cities. Then there are rural areas inside the city, because democracy begins at villages and then it spreads. [like a fire or a flood?? or you make them spread like butter on bread?]

22 Canada is in Connecticut unlike Connecticut is in USA and also unlike USA is in USSR. Actually part of USA is in USSR and part of USSR is in USA.

23 Newzeland is in New-England. When the Newzelanders were babies they could not say it right, that’s how they become.

24 The black ass has no connection with black holes. Black-holes and big bang were just pep talks and may qualify as aphrodisiacs to the less learned. Black ass could be a result of colorblindness or oversensitivity to color-talk [color-ism]

25 If you need an explanation for something ask Leon Lederman, he will forward this to me. That’s my way of telling you something about Leon, but when I am fortunate he will talk something about me.

26 What does a Physicist mean? and this is a double question.

27 If I study so hard why can’t I tell you the importance of education??

28 Why I like great scientists?? why anyone would like me. why I will always get what I want??

29 Why am I connected to so many people?? what do they really see in me??

30 What does it take to be a great scientist?

31 How do you, as a person, connect with the idea of science??

32 Do you like driving cars or you want to enjoy the other space in the car??

33 when I first thought the word lunatic I thought it would in someway associated to the moon, may be a lunatic person is one who stares at the moon a lot more than the normal person. and since no one can stare at the sun, there are no sunatic person or solarific person? terrific. can moon be called as lun in accordance with sun.

34 can a black-hole eat-up a star which is bigger in size compared to the original size of the star that produced the black-hole. May be the only guy that can answer this is S.Hawking. But you can give it a shot.

35 why is vacuum not a state of matter? is it by definition ? No presence of matter is defined as vacuum?

36 why would light bother traveling all the way up from another galaxy to ours?? If there are so many stars in the world why the universe is a cold place?? And if we know so much about the universe how many seasons are there in the universe? just one? winter??

37 In a wave equation in classical physics the time derivative is of 2nd order. In quantum mechanics its 1st order. is that something to think about??

38 Why time has only one dimension. why can’t it have more than one?? you can always define space to 1 dimension with just the radial vector. Of-course you can break it up to 3 perpendicular axis. But can we not break time into such multiple dimensions?? if time at a very small scale proceeds infinitesimally small and there are many such dimensions in which time is making a progress so that at the perceivable scale we only measure time in one axis. Is there a contradiction to such an idea?? that would be the only effective way to cancel such an idea.

38 S.Hawking thinks about imaginary time. Its like you have a complex number associated with time so one is a real time and one is imaginary. [Although he states there is no connection between imaginary time and imaginary component of complex number.] Can we associate a vector with a time?? or a matrix of infinite dimension??

39 why almost all kinds of forces obey the wave equation? [Schrodinger’s]

40 How does the world regard the crazy people? Why crazy people do not care about the world. Or do they??

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