If you want to know the mind of a great scientific mind of our time, read on. What he thinks about relativity and modern mechanics.
Yes I am a sucking relativist. The world will always be infected by some.

the cold (really?) the insight(wow) and the emotions(ha ha) are all going together. I miss my freedom, I miss myself and my ex-girl friends…and all the alcohol that I drink…I sure miss that too. can’t talk much about women though. those chattering birds are sweetened fen-u-greek, painted shit, have them cos you need them. I am a chauvinist but I am a womanist too. so I am okay with it and what a contrast. I am just independent of all the shit. Like a man ought to be [in order to be safe from the shit]

I need my woman too. The shit is fine as long as she is intelligent enough. And who is going to decide on that? That’s a question, the kind that I would entertain, to some extent. Look at my helplessness. Hey, here I am, the strictest of them all and the intelligent of them all but I am not going to rid myself of that unhappy situation of deciding on the merit of another person’s intelligence because I am, all that I just said. I am going to do so because I am kind of dumb, I tend to think, of myself. So I am going to be much less loose than I should be and entertain the real dumb ones, if not ugly. So what is relative ? The beauty. No. Its manifestly invariant. [Yes, you are either beautiful for all men alike, or, you are not, No poet or looser allowed in the selection committee] Its the relativity of sense of pride and of prejudice and of predictions and of premonitions.

In that relativeness [if not relativity] of being tight or loose one may win or lose.

Now onto modern mechanics. I am a modern mechanist as well. Hey I travel really fast but I am tiny too. And that’s why I see them all but they don’t, see me. alas. I am un-attended and un-noticed and un-affected and un-understood. Oh, that’s how it can not be spelled? pardon me and my sense of emphasizing and my sense of taking help from the dictionary in checking how things spell in English before seeing how they spell in my mind. But I am un-cluttered. And by my being so knowledgeable of my surrounding, my surrounding is often negligibly knowledgeable about me. I am an electron and they are my boundary conditions. they often don’t see if I am an electron or another point with another charge. Its all the same for me but not for them. Oops I am a negatively charged point particle. What the hell is so good about me. Well if I travel opposite to time [what a seditionist ] they call me another name, a positron and never mention the fact that I am just exercising my free-will. Now who is a maverick, the electron or the positron? Well both. relativeness again. well take a clue. none of them. So here goes my knowledge of modern mechanics.

some more.

Kiss my ass, [thats an acronym for “be affectionate” even if you are not as intelligent as I am ]

Good night,
Oyasumi nasai
Shab Bakhair
Shubh ratri

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