Complex, they are, for sure. How we scientists describe the laws of nature can be a simplistic way of presenting them, even if we quantify them in exactitude. [and solitude from other laws] But the way they interplay themselves in real life is as natural and complex as the original phenomena they describe.

[hello, that’s why we need computers and supercomputers even if the law is an exact solution, because of the complexities involved, the law doesn’t exactly act like it were in its most simple form. ]

Then are these laws logical?

Now let me ask you, what do we mean by something to be logical. Let me give an example, when something follows our understanding, in a mathematical or quantifiable way, we say its logical. “Its only logical that this happened, or that happened and so and so, that’s only logical” we don’t wait to calculate stuff but in our hindsight we continue perceiving things as logical or otherwise.

So are nature’s laws logical? Then the obvious answer is yes. We have always been successful in describing physical and natural phenomena in quantifiable ways and sooner or later they become perceivably logical.

Quantum mechanics? Is it perceivable? Wait for another 100 years for an answer, we would no longer be saying “no one understands QM”. The small scale phenomena might already have been a way of life so much so that our mind would find it hard not to form perceptions about truth and laws/rules at the same scale.

May be we would be so accustomed to quantum gadgets, so much so, that once in a while when something goes wrong some where and a bunch of atomic bubbles hit our skin we would scream much in the same way we would if somebody takes off wax off our skin.

Our body would have become a sensitive detector of quantum level phenomena and our minds would have formed perception of such a strange world much in the same way we perceive free fall or gravitational push and pull.

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