(Educated guesswork and genuine assumptions are sometimes key to unravel mystery of some complex process, that otherwise difficult to deal with. )  by Sanjay in a long discussion we had about assumption in scientific and social perspectives.

This is very rightly said. My quote keys are not working, along with many other keys…so using ().

About theory of relativity, I have read Einsteins account for his own theory. Lucid and marked by a distinguished style and a characteristic classic tone… I have also read his biography which is mainly historical, and some other texts which make it clear about some basic ideas of relativity.

I despise it greatly, how after 100 years of his great works and our understanding of the ideas in simple and clear ways still these stuff cant be taught in high school or say college physics. But you will see seemingly nonsensical history and geography stuff that is beyond the comprehension of even the most outstanding guy, are taught and given emphasis. Actually I suspect Physics and all basic science will always suffer , because of the way advance  research in these fields are done.

You know, more than culture shock the shock that really shook me was the attitude of the international community is  towards the way Physics is done and the importance of education in the field is concerned. To them its a PhD… postdoc….faculty…tenure…all career steps. But no where the importance of the future of science and why education plays a central role in the progress of science, as much as technology does, even more, is appreciated.

So if someone wishes to do the same he has to do that (in, at) his own risk. The system is defined in a very simplistic way rather than a simple way. And in an opportunistic way. The system is not going to be changed even if its changeable. Because the old folks want the young folks for productivity not for vision. Period.

Well I have the habit of tunneling through such barriers, if I dont set an example for the electron how is it really going to gather the courage to tunnel. So i am stopping here tonight. May be tomorrow I will try to think about the problem you have set for me….

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