Doing Nothing !!!

“Do nothing for 2 minutes ”
I failed for the first time

Definition of doing ‘nothing’ is a difficult one – breathing, thinking, heart beating, digesting those things that I shouldn’t of eaten – can’t do it, that’s nothing that is!

Good point; but here I believe ‘nothing’ means actions under your cognitive control, but not the ‘behaviours’ under the automatic control of your autonomous nervous system, which normally take care of themselves, heart, breathing, digestion and so on. In lay person’s terms, just sit there and relax. Hope that has made things clearer… now have a go!

I do sit and by outward appearances I am doing nothing – but I meditate and I do control my breathing, lower my blood pressure and slow my heart rate down – to 50 beats per minute and blood pressure down to 110 over 70 – very ‘chilled’ out – not doing ‘nothing’ though! I can control my heart rate and blood pressure..practice makes perfect!

Brilliant! But then you are really, really, not doing nothing.

ha ha interesting discussion ….
Lynda, this was asked by someone on Hawkings work on Big Bang, some one asked how our Universe can come out of nothing, my answer is nothing means absence of everything as we know, or cancellation of everyt…hing, its the opposite of everything. 

Its like… imagine everything that exist now, then imagine none of it that you can really think of now existed but then it all came up, like you had zero dollars then you have 100 dollars, you don’t care your neighbor always had 1000 dollars, what mattered to your understanding is that you had nothing now you have a lot.

(Some one can argue the money came from some one elses hand, but he can not argue that the everything of now came from something somewhere else or something from another Universe, he simply can not because he was not there to see what happened at the beginning of the Universe)

But as scientists we can talk about something that we do not see or something that isn’t there, but as a scientist or not he can not say it has to come out of something, its possible that it came out of nothing.

Just by existing I am doing ‘something’ – I cannot do ‘nothing’, to the physical eyes of another person I will always be doing something until I cease to exist and then there will the memory of me – so I will still be doing something – this discussion will just go round in circles (o)

Following on from Manmohan, it is interesting that while the Indians were developing modern mathematics based on zero, Catholic Popes in Europe were banning it as the mark of the Devil! The Eastern religions have always accepted the concep…t of nothingness (e.g. nirvana) – Christianity was frightened of it.

Also, the idea of ‘nothing’ becomes more complicated if you accept the concept of simultaneous multi-universes. ‘Nothing’ then becomes relative. I first realised how exciting the idea of nothing is when reading the marvellous: “Zero: the biography of a dangerous idea” by Charles Seife.

Nirvana is release from the fetters of life, Conceptually Anyway, like you can go to a Dairy queen and get a milk shake or something if you go to Dalai Lama what can he offer you as a service because the world exists on a principle of commerce, Well the Lama can give you Nirvana (intended humor)

We are seeing the definition of nothing from the precinct of everything that we have now, SO this whole nothing would not make sense. WE simply cannot say that everything can not come from nothing. WHO has seen nothing any way. That gives us some room for nothing and the possibility that something and everything indeed can come from nothing.

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