The electron scattered in an external field The 2nd Born approximation for the 3rd order term

This afternoon I was thinking of this. What’s Force in quantum mechanics.

I think more than 5 years ago while thinking deeply about this I asked myself “what’s force in qmech?” and I came up with the answer “Force is something that changes the possibilities or more aptly probabilities of outcomes and in quantum mechanics that would mean, changing the wavefunction ampitudes”.

Taking a clue from Feynman “all interaction is mass” therfore since interaction is force for every mass there is a force, that is, finding a new particle means the feynman amplitude diagrams have changed. SO all these things are internally related.

If we discover a hitherto unknown (new) particle it just means it had been changing the wave function amplitude but we did not know of it SO it may pertain to the form of a new force (or a old force might still explain it) 

That is why in the recent sensation about a new bump found in CDF there was a discussion that we may have discovered a new fundamental force because this particle is not known in the list of things we know so far, called standard model.

This is also something I had said a while ago, 3 years to be precise, the LHC is capable of discovering many new physics, a 5th or 6th fudamental force is not out of question.

It just needs tremendous amount of study. My ideas can be found here in this article:

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