I say these are the few characteristics of good scientists:

  1. The ability to over come inhibition (and have inhibition as a necessary attitude)
  2. Comfortable with oneself under criticism and under rejection.
  3. Not just hard work but enterprise and a way out of adversity.
  4. Clarity, carity, clarity ….clarity clarity clarity (clairvoyance)
  5. Intuition, imagination, knowledge, technique, method, skill, labor.
  6. Dynamism and ability to impress with wit.
  7. Communication of arcane ideas, disprove the malicious ideas, refusal  to take anyone as authority but examine through one’s own independent machinary of tools and vision.
  8. Research, documentation, book keeping, data management.
  9. Efficiency and productivity towards upsurging one’s  products.
  10. Review and srutiny with or without collaboration.
  11. And it will go ad infinitum
  12. …….

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