writing a haaiku, 12.june.2011

ame futeru

Ie (no) mae ni ringo

amakuchi ne !!

(୫)ଆମେ ହୁତେରୁ,
(୭)ଉଏ (ନ) ମାଏ ନି ରିଂଗୋ,
(୫)ଆମାକୁଚୀ ନେ

(୫)ବର୍ଷା ପଡୁଚି,
(୭)ଘର (ର) ଆଗ ରେ ଆତ,
(୫)ମିଠାଲାଗେ ନା

If our fore fathers were really that culture-conscious and world conquerors they would have learned some Haikus and make vertical banners in our countries….with popular slogans of the local vibes…

English Haiku

O’ my God (!)

If you hear me

Say, ok! Yes



Japanese Haiku

Nan ji de mo ka

Gen za i de i ma su

De ki ma su ne


Nan ji de mo ka (5 here, by whenever ok?)

Gen za i de i ma su (7 here, by now only)

(=i ma de go za i ma su, 8 here)

de ki ma su ne (5 here, I will do so)


Haikus are very powerful emotion, THINK of the above Japanese haiku like the following:

Your advisor comes and give you a pile of work and ask you to do it,

YOU: (by whenever?)

Advisor: (by now)

You (panicked) (will do it)

one more:

ben kyu su ru ka?  (or, ben kyu shi ma su?, study?)

Gen za i de i ma su ? (i ma de, now?)

a ta ma ga ii? (head fine?)


Odia haiku

Gho dan ku bi he

La ja ma di la su ni

Mo ka tha ma no



ଘୋ ଡା ନ୍କୁ ବି ହେ

ଲା ଜ ମା ଡେ ସୁ ଣି

ମୋ କ ଥା ମା ନ

Even the horses

are embarassed

By my talk


Hindi haiku

me ri tan ha i

i se du r’ se de ko

na z di k na


(ya’ dil se de ko aan ko se na hin)

मे री तं हा इ

इ से दी ल से दे खो

आं खो से न हीं

My solitude

see it from far

not close

(Or, see it thru your heart not the eyes)

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