The paradox (!) regarding high energy particles: it is often said that the energetic particles in high energy reactions are really not that high-energetic, the paradox is the TeV range particles in LHC is comparable to the energy of a single mosquito. The fact is it leads to many misunderstanding.

One has to understand that the energy of high-energy reaction is in terms of individual particle energy for particpating particles only. In other words if every particle in a mosquito is given “that” amount of energy the mosquito is scaled to an atomic bomb and causes as much destruction as is caused by the individual high energetic particles wrapped into a single bomb. One has to give such energy to every particle to understand the massive amount of energy associated with high energy reactions. In other words if a mosquito’s energy is divided by the number of qualifying particles it (mosquito) has, the energy of the mosquito is far far less than the energy of a single high energy particle produced in the lab.

Ofcourse mosquito despite of its atomic energy doesn’t go through nuclear-chain reaction. It just bites us and can cause fatal diseases but thats biological in origin. Whats biological is also physical but only in a specific way. In biology Physical attributes are confined to a particular space and time scale which is neither the lowest nor the highest. In other words if Biology is like your tea-time in the morning, Physics is like the whole day.

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