(begin) Update, 31-01-2012:

This was written in the very few initial days of my reckoning that OPERA anomaly is incorrect or rather an oversight. An oversight of a very funny nature where we have been focusing more on discoveries to the extent that firmly established theories are also not taken into confidence.

This article had a few oversight errors, such as the actual values of the constraint, if you read my blogs on OPERA frequently, you might have known that I wrote a few articles correcting my oversight as soon as they were discovered which was perhaps a few hours or at-best a couple days later, now I haven’t checked anything of this, myself, so just saying at top of my head.

But the articles were publicized so anyone can check. But I intend to say that I didn’t fix this article or another few which had the incorrect constraints, as the priority was to set the records for the ideas than set the record for the exact values. The exact values were set straight in the articles that followed the discovery of the errors. Perhaps now also I am not going to straighten this out, as the ideas are correct, if not I would perhaps for the 1st time in my life purge the article entirely.

(end) Update, 31-01-2012:

I have just blocked out below, the erroneous values:

Quantum mechanics is such a powerful tool it makes all powers fools. You do not have to measure the distance of the CERN – Gran Sasso distance to mm accuracy. This is already measured and inherent in the data-analysis of OPERA. Being an experimental particle physicist I know exactly where.

It is inherent in the 4-vectors they add when they reconstruct these neutrinos from protons and muons or whatever. I know why MINOS didn’t see superluminal neutrinos but OPERA did. MINOS depended on their 4-vectors to set the neutrino mass, which gave them a staggering staggering error of 50 million eVs.

OPERA said we go by the PDG 2 eV upper limit. So they reduced the energy uncertainty on neutrino mass to zero. If they factor in the other energy uncertainty and it turns out that this error is actually smaller than ~0.01 eV, they have found something that will become a PIA for scientists for a good deal of time.

If they make errors larger than this, say even 0.1 eV which still makes the neutrino mass of 2 eV correct but not the inherent kinematic neutrino mass below this level. In this later case we have solved the OPERA neutrino paradox.

My last article gives the mathematical formula that I worked out just this evening which can test OPERA anomaly for it’s worth. Have a good day. Just give me the energy error you have in your neutrino mass or any where. Need be less than 0.01 eV if you still think OPERA is correct. I doubt it.

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