Speed is relative but poverty is absolute.

The Maharastra Vidhan Soudh in Mumbai [Mantralaya] had a devastating fire. A hospital in Kolkata was burn down by a fire and 100 (!) were killed last year. I was sad for the hospital episode because these are innocent people. But as far as mantralaya is concerned it tells about how unsafe our most powerful places are. And this time this is not an act of terror but an act of nature, how many sec…urity guards you need to keep an eye? Lets move to presidential election where it will be decided which man gets to live in a 20 billion $ house. Sangma or Pranab. What if Pranab was gay and married to Sangma. They both would have lived there, happily ever after. We should have gay presidents.

You f* kidding me? 20 billion $ house? Surely they did not account such massive expensive buildings when they calculated the gross domestic products of our country 2 decades ago and one of these buildings can eradicate 30% poverty in the country? think of it. 20 billion $ one man lives there for 5 years and even ready for next 5 years, 20% homeless in the country of a billion, 20,000 million $ for 200 million, thats like INR 5000 per man for 200 million men for  a month, considering a family of 4 thats like 20000 INR for a month for 50 million families. 20000/pm is a middle class luxury and for a million family this is like 4 -8  years worth of rent. Thats the cost of the Raisina Hill , think of the rent it must have produced over 100 years and why this nation is in absolute poverty.

An Indian president lives for 5 years at the cost of 50 million families at reasonable housing in India for that 5 years.

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