Difference between everything and anything.

You would think, when you add over, all the  ‘anything’s, you get everything. Or in other words; Everything = integration (anything*dthing). That’s not true.

So most people confuse a Theory of Everything with a Theory of Anything. So that will never happen, the latter. The theory of Everything in the sense of Anything will never happen.

Physicists are not thinking that. Over-enthusiastic science propellers may be thinking like that. They may be thinking, you pick out Anything and a Theory of Everything will explain it. No.

Why then we call it a Theory of Everything? Because, as far as we understand, an Everything is a sum of all that we know, and that’s still infinitely large.

So this Theory of Everything will not be a mean theory but it will e.g. not explain God, because God may be Anything, but He does not come in the purview of Scientists, because we do not conceive of Him in any way, not that He is too material or too “matters”,  but the religionists would like to tell you so. Oh yeah He is a “doesn’t matter” field, He is beyond anyone’s imagination and so on, that could very easily fit this M. Dash’s description, but I would fear to call myself God, because I know how people treat God as their reflection, not an absolute powerful entity. From an all powerful entity God has become alter ego of humanity.

Eg the theory of everything will also not explain why you did not cook today. There already might be an answer to it, why you did not cook. And the question and answer format of such a question, may not be physical in the sense of a very well defined scheme.

May be you try to remember everything about it and make a story or blog, but the fact remains, in day to day affairs, human beings forget and some reasons might be sticking from a 5 years or 15 years before, and no’one remembers or cares to remember it.

But for a scientific theory that explains such everything it has to start as a limited perspective and well defined precision-centric field of study. In-fact the difference between everything and everything as a sum of anything is that everything as I already said is limited. Anything is unlimited and dynamically changeable.

We can not give for next 500th generation, what will be valid. They will look at us with amusement on our sheer intelligence, but they will have a better Theory Of Everything, their Everything’s limited description must have changed as well.

To be wistfully pleased at our ability to have the “final” answers is merely an Archimedes Eureka. Its nice to have it, not a final understanding.

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  1. Reblogged this on Invariance Publishing House ! and commented:

    This is a short article I wrote more than 3 years ago, although it feels just like yesterday. Been keeping busy. It talks about the meaning of theory of everything as I understand. Also God seems to be an alter ego of its adherents more than a serious object of investigation from science.


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