There is one swift way for modernization of Indian languages: scan all possible words in the country and put them into a fast-accessible database. Then let linguistic analysis be performed on all these words. If you run into controversies let me check my mind with it. The other thing is to form a better alphabet system.two suggestions1. modernize the vowel and consonant system to match world standard. Translit rules are slowly picking up. But my Indougana table is a very nice way to do this. Also know basic rules: eg aeiou’s are auxiliary vowel sounds they keep on changing from place to place. Here you say soiba there you say suibaand both are correct. Don’t reject something saying its village speech and ours is pure speech. Nothing is a pure speech.2. A new alphabet system is necessary for India. It now has 21 systems. Why not one? well which will be preferred? Devnagari? NOO NOO NOO. Take two consonants from each you have 21*2 = 42 consonants. Then add symbols of  vowels from letters of [kshiti, ap, tej, marut, byom; know what I am saying? new vowels: a > ap, e > te, i > ti/hi, o>yo, u > ru] you may need just two Hiragana type symbols dot, two-strokes. You might need slight adjustments. I need to check this. eg you may have mor-or-les 42 consones.

Hiragana has internal vowels  [shi=sh+i, shi is a base consonant] So Indian language should not crib about internal vowel [a] Although in Indougana that I have developed it will be exactly Hiragana-system with any additional Indian properties suitably accommodated. eg pseudo sounds will not be thrown off but accommodated a-la-Hiragana.

Any additional consonants or vowels if truly there [I don’t know so far bring to my notice if you do] can be formed into auxiliary charts. Once the chart of alphabet is ready a-la-Hiragana [I call it indougana and already developed it] we can put present day Indian practices into suitable mini charts. [just assuming there could be any additional properties but does not look like a possibility]

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