Feynman Diagram of Higgs Boson Production.

This is a copy of the diagram from Wikipedia. I produced this using codes developed by me as previously instructed here with other examples. — What to do when its 2 am around here, you are fresh but nowhere to go.

Higgs production, how its produced, one of the channels called Higgs-Strahlung

Here is the code:

% Feynman diagram

% Requires PGF >= 2.0









:Title: Higgs-Strahlung from Wikipedia



% Define styles for the different kind of edges in a Feynman diagram


photon/.style={decorate, decoration={snake,amplitude=1mm, segment length=4mm}, draw=cyan},

electron1/.style={draw=blue, thick, postaction={decorate},decoration={markings,mark=at position .55 with {\arrow[draw=red]{<}}}},

electron2/.style={draw=blue, postaction={decorate},decoration={markings,mark=at position .55 with {\arrow[draw=red]{>}}}},

electron3/.style={postaction={decorate}, draw=red, dashed, thick, decoration={markings,mark=at position .55 with {\arrow[draw=red]{}}}},




        % Set the overall layout of the tree

        level/.style={level distance=1.5cm},

        level 2/.style={sibling distance=2.6cm},

        level 3/.style={sibling distance=3cm}


%[level 1/.style={level distance=10mm},

%level 2/.style={level distance=5mm}]

\node (root)

child[grow =south west]{node{$f$} edge from parent [electron1]}

child[grow=north west]{node{$\bar{f}$} edge from parent [electron2]}

child[grow=right]{node [align=left]{W/Z}

edge from parent [photon]}

{child[grow=right]{edge from parent [photon] }


child[grow=south east]{ edge from parent [electron3]}

child[grow=north east]{ edge from parent [photon]}}


node at (root-3-1-1) {$H$}

%node at (root-3-1) {$W$}

node at (root-3-1-2) {$W/Z$}


\hspace{6.5 cm}

\vspace{-6 cm}




I am an experimental particle physicist, traveler, teacher, researcher, scientist and communicator of ideas. I am a quarkist and a bit quirky ! Hypothesis non fingo, eppur si muove, dubito cogito ergo sum are things that turn me on ! Researcher in experimental high energy physics (aka elementary particle physics; like “quarks, leptons & mesons and baryons”) … Teacher of Physics (and occasionally chemistry and maths) Blogger (check my website; mdashf.org) ! Love to read read and read but only stuff that interest me. Love to puff away my time in frivolities, just dreaming and may be thinking. Right now desperately trying to streamline myself.

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