If you already read this article I added some more interesting stuff to the end —

Those who don’t believe in science seem to me like this:

A primitive man meets one of them. He says “I so adore you modern man, you have advanced much farther than we visioned”.

modern man [idiot] goes “really? wow thanks weird-looking-man. can you really speak that well?”

primitive man goes “nah just teasing you cos you think everything was so well-developed even 5000 years ago, I usually speak like this grrr kkllrrr iimmn gggdddd s s dsjkjdejekedknkejdjedkduh which some smart people understood to be the first alphabet, these smart people have developed everything from these first-alphabet to what you have now. See, there were no full sentences or phrases or even disyllables or even monosyllables in our time. It was all garbled up in un-understandable forms. Even then there was mixing because we did not conquer nature. Nature’s forces were unimaginable. Your Indian and English language do not lead to monosyllabic language forms but are rather a mixed forms of various constructs from here and there, a reason why a better sparsed and more-monosyllabic** forms actually lead to English and present-day-Indian language forms because these are merely a mix of such smaller-units-and-logic-of-language as existed long time ago when they were sparsed from the shit we were speaking. See even what they call now Sanscrit is merely a copy of their present-day-language-forms by twisting them a little here and a little there they are calling it Sanscrit ”

[** nothing is purely monosyllabic not even Chinese, see even we were blurting out polysyllables: grrr kkllrrr iimmn gggdddd s s dsj] 

modern man “I see .. so we just derived from your simplistic carcass but now we are trying to deny it because we are deeply anguished how we can be idiots but those who can see it clearly we make it a point to insult them at every chance, we are merely holy primitive shit”

primitive man “you got it Sir, Mr Idiot, now keep a note for your self”

If you want to know why I have such views about language and Sanscrit, you may want to read my 40-some research based articles over the last year all compiled here. 100 other potential articles are  lying else where. [If I pick up 3 interesting words I can write a 500 lines article just like that over the afternoon, and thanks but no, I chose my words, I love Chinese and Japanese. w&w]

The above opens a new vista .. as it proclaims

Why primitive man spoke only a few words ? [grrkl, cccrr and nnnrr ..] because there were only a few people living in his sorrounding so he learned absolutely nothing. And he alos imitated the lions, foxes and who not. Gradually he learned that he could not live with them. Because they hurt his sentiments and sometimes his balls. They scratch it off and to add to that they say they don’t believe in a f** God, they are the most ideal atheists, the animals.

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