Now Odisha [India] is doing slightly better than even California in terms of readership. Odisha gives 125 per month of new visitors wrt 115 of Calif. Still in absolute “known” numbers Odisha is slightly more than 50% of number of Calif readers. And wordpress can lose even 80% of readerstat perhaps because it considers such an essential service free. As long as such a facility is not “on payment” basis they should  have collected data efficiently. Give it all or don’t give it atall. Don’t make it spurious. Tonight therefore I think it will be 10000th access in the last 8th month. And in a day or 2 it will be 5000th new visitor in the 8th month. So soon Odisha will make it 10% of total with Calif slightly less than another 10% for the same 4 months, none of the other states are any close, also Calif is 20% and Odisha may be somewhere around another 12-14% if one accounts all 8 months data.
Since I stated those together I am not quoting here wordpress stats but my privately paid for stats. Hence the numbers 10% or 10000, this is better than wordpress stat and correct stats. eg I lost 80% of pageviews yesterday. My counter reports 171 page views and wordpress reports 36 page views.
Also I don’t understand much of wordpress yet .. we pay for its services .. it retains only 38% of readership stats and even reports only 50% blog-followers. I have 52 followers but its showing 25. Am I even losing followers? It says somewhere deep down its losing much info? WordPress folks if you are reading this please take it easy but fix such issues. Because I have invested a lot on wordpress.

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