I sent this picture and profile of mine for a website that I funded and envisioned with others, in 2002 for my home state of Odisha.

Me in Tsukuba, Japan, 2002

1) FULL NAME :  Manmohan Dash


i) B.Sc. (Physics Hons) First Division, Utkal University

ii) M.Sc. (Physics) First Division, Utkal University

iii) Enrolled into Graduate study in Virginia Tech, USA for the Ph.D. programme. Completed two semesters of course work

iv) Presently in KEK Lab, Japan for hands on experience on experimental techniques, data analysis and detector simulation. Kind of job presently doing: Understanding and developing C++ codes  used for simulation of elementary particle detection and the analysis of raw data thus obtained. The broader aim is to prove (or disprove) CP Violation in nuclear reactions. Visit http://www.belle.kek.jp.

3) We can discuss about Education and Examination pattern in Institutions where I have been (and logical extrapolation of my experience to answer your basic questions) and Physics related matters in yahoo messenger service; mohandvt@yahoo.com. But I prefer email because I can get time to think and give you practical rather than smart answers. Don’t hesitate to bother me.

4) For GATE related queries I will forward you to very successful friends of mine in INDIA who will be practically much more equipped than me to answer your basic as well as advance queries. (And some of them have  already started drawing  very handsome salary in software jobs just after completing their M.Sc. in Physics and M.Tech. in software.

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