Here is how I am buying/selling shares on EAv for now. I will readjust again when  my share-price and div/share change and when I have more pies. (and more time) For now there are 4 indices. A 0-2, B 2-4, C 4-6 and D 6-8. My dividend-index currently 7. How? my div/share is 0.76 and share-price is 112.95. So truer index is 0.76/112.95 = 0.0067 = 0.007 = 7/1000. (index is 7)

Calculate your index and see where it lies. For A, I purchase 50 shares. For B, I purchase 100 shares, For C, I purchase 150 and for D, I purchase 200 shares. (there may be errors, you can point out I will rectify) Also when I have more pies and when I am more available into EAv I will change buying/selling which will be more appropriate for the individuals. That means instead of 50 I might buy 75 shares, to save precious time/calculation I will go in steps, currently 50. (it might come to 25 and then 12 etc) Give it all some time. I am an individual social media enthusiast and not a businessman (as of yet) Hence pl. excuse my time. When I have more I will think more of you and will always try to benefit you more. THANKS.

How many you will buy in me? I have one of the most attractive dividends to offer on EAv. 7/1000 now, compare some best names, they offer you 2, 3, 4 /1000. On higher-end eg Terri @NAK has an attractive 6/1000 despite share price above 500, so she compensates you and me really well :). You spend more for buying her shares but also get paid much better dividend. These things matter really well especially if you don’t wanna go bankrupt at an early stage, want to have high paying dividend and earning and want to grow constantly on share price while maintaining higher dividend/share (EAv) and truer dividend/share  (as I calculate here).

So you can buy high/very high shares from me as long as I maintain this index high, currently 7/1000)

———-   .. APPRECIATE YOUR LOVE and connect me anywhere you can Please consider recommending me if you have purchased large # of shares in me (I will reciprocate, currently I reccd at 400 shares buy in me and max out at depending on your share-price and your div/share)

(free eaves here, just take : )

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