There is much physics in structures irrespective of the fact these structures are concrete or abstract. I looked at a long hanging bridge the other day. Its hanging structures are almost straight. Then I took a picture on the camera fitted to my mobile. It gives a much prominently curved slanted view of the same. That means the camera is a plane that selects accordingly. In mathematical language this is called Projection. It selects only one plane. Therefore a camera picture is almost always different from an human-eye-vision. Human eye is more delicately formed and takes more information. Its a 3-D lens, perhaps 10-D who knows, we may be seeing string theoretic effects without actually realizing it. Then that would be a starking correspondence principle in the making. The sun ray giving various exciting images when it passes into a close room through a window and diffraction patterns are in-fact examples of Correspondence Principle. These are quantum mechanical effects which has n classical mechanics explanation actually. In-fact one can just say we knew some quantum mechanics earlier and called it classical mechanics because we did not know what Q. mechanics is. Thats what is happening here with the eye. We may be seeing effects that are not explainable by present knowledge. But who knows. So the camera being built by Human beings reflect our knowledge of maths gained over centuries. In-other words its consistent with Euclidean laws, since we are in close vicinity of say the bridge or similar structures. Here things would be accurate to at-least a 9-milli-meter**.

{**only on earth, on Sun you would be inaccurate by at-least 3 kms, rays of light can deviate by 3 kms and still your trigonometry of Euclid would be valid, thats because Sun’s surface is so so larger than Earth No? But remember its not only coming from Sun’s surface being large, its also coming from the fact of Sun’s mass and other forms of nuclear energy and heat energy etc, a fact recently pointed out by Einstein but known in various forms even to Galileo. What Einstein so precisely shows is such mass or energy of Sun also bends the impending geometric structure we call space-time in which the Sun resides or moves through. It bends the path of Sun light to the extent of 3 kms, but sunlight or any-light moving at great speed and covers great distances close to million meters hence 3 km shows up only as an insignificant proportion to light but not to those who depend on such, us immortals. If all the mass of Sun were to be pressed into 3 kms we wouldn’t see light escaping Sun. Earth would behave the same way if all its mass were to be pressed into 1 centimeter or rather more exactly 9 mm of space. }

That means the ancient people who built grand marvels the size of these mechanical structures such as bridges knew not a camera, but knew the precise Euclidean laws of Geometry. So they knew that while we couldn’t see the actual leaning of these structures towards Sun, going by the laws of Geometry or Trigonometry they knew, there is leaning. Everything centers towards. If everything centers towards something on a plane on earth, howsoever small the angle be this can be known in a large surface area, then so is also true in another plane. Of-course they knew 3-D Trigonometry or they wouldn’t be able to build those structures? They could also see natural occurring large vertical structures and measure their elevation profile and match with their knowledge of Trigonometry.

Then this means the grand temples they built also could point towards Sun howsoever little. And in-fact one could take a small mobile camera stand below a really high structure and try to take its picture. He sees a bending towards the end. A projection of the large angles into a small plane does this. This can not be excluded from being consistent with a 3-D laws of Trigonometry. But a naked eye does not see this. So if they recognize this fact that light or any kind of visibility must suffer some kind of bending due to how the large and small have to merge to be consistent with the laws of Trigonometry, one can philosophize an eye or an invisible eye rather which can see this. This invisible eye is perhaps the so called 3rd Eye drawn on structures and found in Shiva Philosophy. In-fact since this eye is found on Shiva-Linga, Linga is not necessarily a reproductive organ but also represents linguistically the EYE. This Linga can be said to have given rise to such meaning as Linear if one sees g as y/i. And in-fact you see ing/ink/ank which has become eye in Indic: ankh. In consistent with Shiva Philosophy, where Shiva also means light, the 3rd eye is the subtle vision. This is also why Philosophy is called Darshan which is Indic for Vision/Seeing, the ability to see subtlety. You can therefore see “linguistic” or language as a Philosophy and indeed it is. Its in-fact based on Philosophy of nature and thus a scientific exploration is legit.

Also this makes it clear grand structures were a “pranam” {namas, namaskar, naman, honor} towards Sun because they can be imagined to be a person/Civilization standing and leaning towards the Sun. Such philosophies were mastered time and again by Humanity.

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