Today in Invariance Publishing House at is the 4th most viral day, since Feb 10 2012.

TODAY: (4th most viral day)

1. Aug 29, 2013     75 (new unique visitor)      761 (pages accessed)
2. Oct 25, 2012      202 (new unique  visitor)   398 (pages accessed)
3. Oct 16, 2012      126 (new unique  visitor)   351 (pages accessed)
4. Nov 26, 2013     92 (new unique  visitor)     308 (pages accessed)

(USA only) This week USA stats on mdashf. Today was the highest US NEW-unique visitors to mdashf in the last 3 months, 65 new people (USA) visited the website. Today was also the 4th highest pages accessed any day with 308 pages accessed. The highest was 760 pages.
(All Countries) 1-month views and NEW-unique visitors stats on mdashf, Today was the highest US new-unique visitors of the last 3 months. Today was also 308 pages accessed, the 4th most read in 1.9 yrs history of mdashf. Also check graph below for the most viral day of mdashf with 760 pages accessed in a day.
(All Countries) Last 3 months NEW-unique visitors and pages accessed stat on mdashf. Note the 760 views and the 308 views, which are respectively 1st and 4th highest of mdashf, are in the current quarter only.

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