I am taking a very short hiatus, about less than a week it seems, for now, for some long distance travel, which will render me almost inaccessible towards any of the task on the website that keeps you and me busy. In the last months tons of posts were reviewed extensively adding conceptual clarity and insights that made the technical stuff so much more interesting. These were mostly posts from more than a year, two year ago and most of them are only Physics posts. Other posts I write are really well written often that calls for marginal cosmetic changes if not at-all. Since I keep posting the reviewed (if already not shared to all networks) and new posts to my face-book page which is public (face-book personal page does not have everything publicdomainly-accessible) and tweeter (here is the way to go to get the latest reviewed articles, because if something gets reviewed it also has a chance of being posted here) you can easily find which have been recently posted or reviewed.  (A good idea to check tweeter @mdashf and face-book @ https://www.facebook.com/iph.mdf  for latest reviewed posts)

This short hiatus follows the 4 months hiatus for reason of teaching assignments and availability of zero amount of time and a 1 month activity to review and maintain the website. SO-all-in-all a lot less activity than would be expected but readership is growing constantly. eg Yesterday was the 4th most viral day at mdashf, check the post linked. You are only 100 reads less than off breaking the record of yesterday’s readership, so go ahead and break it, by 150 more reads you will go to 3rd instead of 4th place and by 200 readings tonight you would go to 2nd place. But by reading 500 pages in next 3 hours you will have broken the all-time record of this website. You got only 3 hours for that. Definitely 4th and 3rd place are achievable. Go read as many pages as possible in 3 hours and more. There will be no more posts tonight since I have to take good rest before my day-long trip to remote far off places I have never been and would die to set my foot. Its 3 AM, and I will be back within a week. Till then tear off all the pages: go read as many pages, suggest as many things at g6pontiac@gmail.com or comments section, or write a blog and I will happily post for you, ask to be a contributor to mdashf and so on. When I come back I hope there will be more time available to devote towards improving the quality of the website by reviewing and editing the articles. Thats because there are again Teaching Assignments that are coming. So it will certainly slow down the pace at which I contribute. There are 1000 articles here so the pace at which they can be read or assimilated is not going to slow down. Thank you ..



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