This is a partly true and partly imaginative account.

Once I went to Dr Batra’s clinic in Jayanagar, Bangalore. It was not difficult to find out, so many people go there.

Ask at any McDonald “do you have fish burgers“. No, we just planning to have soon, so sorry.

Oh no don’t be, mind telling where the Dr Batra’s clinic is?

You see, men like to go to clinic like this for two reasons usually. Something is not growing and something is falling off. That takes the Jesus out of their mind and they would stop looking for such baloney. They immediately become a fan of medical science. Or what I know, may be their belief in Jesus or Kamadava grows stronger and keeps intact, none of my renunciation responsibilities.

I did not go to the clinic for such a reason. “I went to have a look at why they are growing their business ?” I had a prior appointment, NOT for that reason though.

So I kept getting calls from the lady. Usually ladies are receptionists or call back agents, they don’t shout “we don’t care maw’daw’faw“, occasionally such might happen, but thats that.

So I changed my appointment from one place to another because I was relocating myself. I took an auto, and the auto driver was quite young, he stopped at a small shop. He lit his cigarette and offered me, as a culture etiquette? I said smoking is injurious to health and we gradually fell into our respective intentions. He asked his mates and they guided him, it was quite a distance though. The 4th block or whatever was finally right out there waving at us. 5th cross?, don’t quite remember.

They asked me a coffee or something and I said coffee. Thats right, you heard me, it’s about feeling quite so important before getting wiped out of your worth. Then they checked my scalp etc. This fact that fact, no sentiments?

Then I ran into arguments? Not really, what you know about me. But lets just say yes, for writing sake. The doctor said “what you just know about hair? Your science just does not work here“. I said “thats so very true, hair fall is not a season, you see its not even one or the other reason, it does not fall and grows up and next year same time it will fall“.

“Get out of my clinic”. No he didn’t say that. He laughed. He was bemused. And he said, “you know we get customers like you once in a blue moon, would you be filling out this form?”

We really don’t charge our customers hefty. But thats because most of them have a terminal case. They have no reason to come back and we have no season to meet them again. Here is yours. So many zeros after a kind, very kind; 1. And thats, we have taken degrees of economic management, a price for half. The other half will be similarly priced.

I was enlightened. No reason no season.

While returning I did indeed take a fish burger from the McDonald. Now I realized why I gave that fish example at the beginning. Indeed I took a fish burger for sugar-n-view. I also walked quite a lot to keep sugar “checked” and it was something like 7/8 kms I walked. I would have walked more but I got a bus after waiting for an hour, 265 or 365 didn’t show up !!. ITL Volvo are running like wild but to other locations the buses were not as frequent. The bus I got was not Volvo and so crowded, a fellow was licking his ice-cream and I had to stand by him thinking of my sugar.

While walking I did ask for direction from Police Uncles who answered in affirmative. I was thinking all along of you and in-deed someone handed me a flyer for the restaurant they were opening soon, for a free breakfast. I could have walked next morning but for some reason I didn’t.

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