I don’t know if you call that joke, but its totally in English. 

I like myself, cos I carry myself and I carry myself, cos I like myself. And here are two jokes.

1. Once someone ate in a restaurant with me. [restaurant: I say I rest, u rant ]. He ate fish. The next day, he complained to me, why I took him to that place. He said “I had a terrible day, I had a feeling of biting inside me, food poisoning“.

I said it was not food poisoning. It was the fish, biting you, from inside. He said “may be”. [thats how superstitious people can be in the moment].

I said, but you should have told me right-after. I would have dived inside your stomach and kicked that fish, “hey don’t bite him, at-least not from inside”.

2. just forgot, will tell you, if I remember.

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