Simple explanation of OPERA Anomaly of FLT

I just wrote two tweets, one of which, is a concise explanation of OPERA anomaly of Faster than Light neutrinos. (FLT neutrino). Einstein’s Relativity Theory would be invalidated if neutrinos move faster than the photons, which is what OPERA experiment suspected it obtained, but Quantum Mechanics Uncertainty relations would save the grace of Relativity of Einstein, from falling off as an invalid theory. Its a bit tricky, but I explained it in 140 characters.

Here are the tweets.

Heisenberg would have tweeted in 1925:

1. when Q. Mech came physical variables got hats 2wear and were called as operators rather than variables, Heisenberg wanted2 tweet so in 1925.

OPERA anomaly would also be explained by Heisenberg in 1925 via tweeter. Look guys.

2. Q. Mech uncertainty; E=f(t), p=f(x) >> E-t, p-x fuzzy, mixing of variables E-t, p-x, if E-x mix, eg E=f(x), E-v fuzzy, as v=f(x) > OPERA FLT

Literal Explanation; E-x mixing (nobody suspected as E and x commute, that is Ex = xE in operator algebra. But thats the problem of how we do Physics. The idea is E and x are correlated in the detector, even if may not be in nature. So E = f (x). That means E and x are mixed, as E depends on various values of x, if E is sharp no more x. Hence there must be a uncertainty or fuzzy factor. This fuzziness then goes on to v = speed of light and neutrino. Since typical uncertainty on Energy in particle detectors are like MeV order, that makes speed = v far far fuzzy or uncertain, a calculation I had done, at the time of OPERA anomaly and arxiv rejected my paper, twice. Its because of this reason, the speed of neutrino was not as sharp as 7.5 km/s above speed of light, hence their FLT claim was mere oversight even, Heisenberg might have figured in 1925)

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