Who is more popular than Barack Obama? The Electron. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012 at 8:31 am UTC + 05:30

(missing picture, but does it really need one?)

Guess who is more popular than Barack Obama? The Electron.
I was checking 30 day Kred report of Obama (1000/9) and its clear to me the electron gets much more mentions etc than the president .. Electron gets millions of hits in a month, even just at Belle?.
Who does Obama gets mentions from? Reuter, Mashable and Electron; it gets from the likes of pi-mesons, photons, the charmed-mesons and who not.
Obama outreaches TheRubenJay and GovernmentBot .. The electron? outreaches the drift-chamber, the hadron-calorimeter, the Silicon Vertex Detector and the fiber-optics. (and PRL) 

The drift chamber is like electron’s white-house. Its a president there.

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