This will be the last post of tonight, well, this is fast approaching morning here; 3 am here, Indian time. And this is going to be on something that is quite close to my heart, if you know me. Japanese language.

Last night I was trying to remove all the frivolous likes I had enacted over the year, 741 things to be liked, on FB, thats an awesomely large number of inconvenience for such a thing as actually liking something. So, I became crazy — thats the actual avatar that matters, and started purging off things that I really do not mean in the longer term, which is when passion is the only thing that tells me, which one and which one not, am I going to be passionately involved in something in the long run, even if it breaks the heart at times?

Yes? keep it. NO? purge it.

None of the 20 some Japanese pages that I had liked actually, over the last several years, say 5-6, I deleted. Thats right they all survived from about 200 I deleted so far. Don’t take a burning sense of deprived importance and check back if I deleted something of your page, its not necessary, if you have something that I am most definitely going to be passionate about perhaps its already caught my attention. Cos as much as I know myself, I am done for this life, as far as ready get set go is concerned.

So its just that I am one man, and I have limitations.

So, here is something I want to post, on Japanese factoids.

Click on image to access the original educator's FB page.
Click on image to access the original educator’s FB page.

If you like to learn Japanese vocabulary, let me read for you, whats written in Hiragana — one of the 3 Japanese writing system, 1 of the 2 alphabets the language has, and if for the time being you just want a little more handle on how these things are to be read, phonetically, in its Roman avatar, called Romaji, check back here, what I said just an hour ago.

left >> hidari
right >> migi

between >> aida

— or as Indian system would write some times, aaidaa.

up/above >> ue
behind >> ushiro
under >> shita
front/before >> mae
near >> chikaku
next to >> tonai
inside >> naka

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