A beer is better than a woman because?

1. You can pick up a beer in any bar in town

2. You can have more than one beer any night and not feel guilty about it

3. A beer won’t get upset if you come with beer in breath

4. A beer will never complaint about your beer belly

5. A beer won’t get jealous if you bring other beer home

6. You don’t have to wine and dine a beer

7. A beer won’t wreck things if you come home late after 2 am.

8. A beer won’t ever expect you to buy flowers

9. You don’t have to wear your socks off with beer


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How has my life been in last 15 years.

I just got hold of something I wrote, 2 years ago, describing in nutshell, incidents, that are of no hard consequences, but how I run across tons of different type of people, in my sojourn towards oblivion. (I must be unhappy with my parents one day, 20 years ago, and said “I am leaving you guys. “where you would go, tell us, we are worried”, “Öh don’t worry I am going towards oblivion”.

November 6th, 2012, 2.30 PM. Thats right after lunch, when do I do such unnecessary stuff.

some insects biting me .. oh what an emergency in 1st world definitions. Reminds me thus of various things. (which followed a long conversation about my life’s incidents, the night before) These things are not chronological but follow how things would rush to top of mind. What causes such volition?

1. (humor on undergrads at Tech)

You have reached the Cassel Colosseum .. (Now get out o’ here and call your parents .. you have a D in 60% of your courses.)

2. (humor on health appointments at Tech)

You have reached the McComas (Was it the grad place or the health services? ah health, right.)

Welcome to Virginia Tech health services. Sign your name and stand in a que. Don’t speak until one o’ our representatives takes attention and comes to you with further instructions. We serve on a daily basis our clientele who are mostly

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Two microbes were talking between them.

M2: whats up yo?
M1: my microbe, you know what .. I got a new job.
M2: what !! where ?
M1: In the intestine of a man.
M2: cool yo, are they paying you enough.
M1: well salary is fine. But the life style is awesome. I get to suck on blood anytime I want. I am all shit man. Its real hip out there. Go get our microbes.

A humor from, Thursday, July 26, 2012 at 4:50 pm UTC + 05:30

MDASHF, how is it doing online.

All in all, safely, only 2013 saw 50,000 people who followed and endorsed my online presence or who accessed my website contents. (since you can like a page once only using your f-b id and since website visits checks unique IP address, this is a unique individual stats, that is , most precise count of number of people)

#mdashf wants to offer its long felt gratitude. This was possible only because of goodwill of people. There was zero amount of publicity expenditure. Not a single dime was ever spent by me or to my knowledge anyone else towards publicity. I am open to generous grants by individuals or orgs, btw, if you want to support #mdashf. The only expenditures that were incurred was on website layout, theme, fonts, hosting charge etc and the use of fancy all-in-one computer, personal laptop and printers/scanners and yea: BSNL ISP

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