humor with a sense of tumor

Was Gadafi irrational?

Definition of Hitler scale: how many men you kill in a minute {men/min}? The strongest bitch would do 0.03 {men/min}. [takes her 3 men in 100 minute, half-an-hour per man is a good enuf time] See why world hates Hitler? He was a shockingly man-quake. far stronger compared to bitches. 6.67 is 222 times stronger than a bitch in devastating men.

The Nobel prizes in India … what does a mocking bird say?

Out of 10 therefore 7 were actual Indians, of which only 2 were retained and 5 could not be retained. For its own type India impresses only 28.5%. Unimpressed: 71.5%.

For those who came here all because India was a colony and not a melting pot you have 3.

But they are to be compared with how many could have come in their contemporaneous time. Perhaps these 3 are to be compared to 1000 or more.

So a minuscule tiny attraction factor for India.

bizzarre world

hate you-tube, why do you have to stream it as many times as you want to hear it: ?
I so hate Internet Explorer, you have to kill a tab and open a new one because once it shows one address, another address can’t be put into it, it just hangs and if you kill it you would (kill) no? it produces a tab with a bang sound when you click, okay: ?

and whats this “sorry faced face-book” can’t post, try again in a few minutes. Are they trying to behave like people?

They will eventually commercialize every Goddamn electron in the world won’t they? and if you wanna pee pay us 50$, wanna breathe pay us 200$ wanna talk about your girlfriend? go to jail. wanna write a blog? book 2 years in advance.

48 chuck norris facts you did not know

1. He thinks Inifinity as a horizontal 8

2. He wears an 8 (or inf?) as a pant

3. Melts a turkey by looking at it and drinks it’s flesh (then flies like one?)

4. Calling a star by it’s scientific name he proves he is catholic

5. Seducing salma hayek in a sau…na at 200 deg cent on a stone he proves the last law of thermodynamics: a new temperature system is attainable by a pure act

6. Thinks atheists is a synonym for atheletse a mouth now”. Hawking says “well use my speech synthesizer”