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Let’s learn some translation !!

So I am tempted to remark before the agglutination (mixing of phonetic units), many languages were linked through same rule and similar sound softness and length albeit differed in their effective existence, but after mixing look different. the ” a’chhi ” of odia was actually ” a’chi ” which was as soft as “aru” and not “arhhu”. so the “ru, ri” sound of Japanese might correspond to “chi, ch”. So Odia was as soft a language as Japanese was 1000 years ago and still
is, these two came from agglutiation of same language rules and system and in 1000 years became indistinguishably different

Install useful software on Windows-2007

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What is Science !

How much do I really appreciate what Science is !

A question I have asked in my mind and I have pondered for a while in answering, while writing this article.

I have always found this sort of out of the circle thinking a favorite pastime of mine. As far as I can recall, into my mind, I see this as a conscious effort, to process what I learn, in a more or less compulsive way, built into my thinking. And as much as I can imagine, I developed such a habit, as a very young student.

To this date, when I have had a pretty solid background in experimental science, through painstaking days and nights of thinking through methods and implementing them, to extract some good looking interesting plots, to being a pretty enthusiastic graduate student, slogging through bunches of home works, to understanding the basic concepts, I have carried a good deal of passion in thinking about, what I have learned and what I haven’t.

My thinking has matured considerably, giving rise to rejection of plain thoughts. In a way, I have formed a judgment of my own to discriminate or rather, to ask more and more questions, in trying to circumvent, pretty simple headed questions howsoever bothersome, as well.

This then to my mind, is, a good definition of science. The ability to discern the value of a question, the ability to focus on the important facets and the preparedness to keep aside “plain thoughts”, if we see the same as a trivialization of sorts is what a good definition of science pertains to, in my earnest opinions.