You made my day…

And then she tells this….”I gotta tell you something”.
I said “Yes”
She says….”You are one of the most handsome men I’ve ever seen”
Now I felt a little embarrsed cos I thought for a while I was blocking her view so I said in my characteristic humour “You mean you want me to get out of your way”

Whats so funny about that !!

This is a story about the glass doors, you have to push hard the horizontal bars and keep on hold to be able to rotate the door and make space for you to exit and if another person is closely preceding you, you cant, won’t, shouldn’t let it go bang on them so you better hold it while they passed along and if a next door is coming their it is the ethics to hold for you, if you wanna check out how strongly society holds ethics, your experimental sample would be something like this, where the fact that opening a door for the exit caused a rush of bliss-less amount of cold onto your body, might be a factor in deciding how the preceding person just wanted to rush out or some other kindaa emergency? We better ask.