One of the very few (2, 3) blogs that is among my first exclusive “blog” writing, in 2007, on blogger from where this is transported and I actually began an eschaton style right away. Writing longer blogs didn’t quite set in until far too late. The idea is to find the aim of the blog first, then set onto write, which is why I think often. But not always can I afford the peace.

from 2007, June. (On February 23rd 2007, I had returned from Osaka-Nara-Kyoto to Virginia, when I lost my camcorder in Kansai Airport, Osaka, while returning the Toyota Rental Car. The only time that year I returned to Japan, was in July for a week. So its shortly before that week long last trip to one of my cherished phases of life after which I never returned, took India Train instead in May 2008, since then I am in India, getting a return ticket is difficult for various reasons.)

” Pissing people off is my oldest habit. Like when the guy ahead of you opens that door and hold it for you, you go through another door and when he opens another door but doesn’t care and you say “thank you” he looks back probably he is a little intrigued by you. Its funny the way it happens because you know you thanked for the last door as the latter came in quick succession and he thinks you thanked him for not holding the door.

In some sense my life’s always been like this.

This is a story about the glass doors, you have to push hard the horizontal bars and keep on hold to be able to rotate the door and make space for you to exit and if another person is closely preceding you, you cant, won’t, shouldn’t let it go bang on them so you better hold it while they passed along and if a next door is coming their it is the ethics to hold for you, if you wanna check out how strongly society holds ethics, your experimental sample would be something like this, where the fact that opening a door for the exit caused a rush of bliss-less amount of cold onto your body, might be a factor in deciding how the preceding person just wanted to rush out or some other kindaa emergency? We better ask.

This particular door story is on the two glass doors fitted to the Pamplin that led to Burrus and Burger King, at Tech, in 2001-8. Back then I had shown signs of writing blogs, which means showing a sign to not indulge in serious work, a blog writing is a internet procrastinating indulgence although most of the good stuff ever in the world of creative writing and research etc you will see will come out of this kind. This type has been leading the world out of its dullness like soccer and beer leads you out of depression. Say yey.

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