I haven’t lived a lifetime in the United States of America. But I have seen plenty of it. I have been a very active member in it’s economy, so to say. I am not an expert of any economy let alone USA. But given that every person deals with economy as a day to day practicality, everyone of them forms philosophies and ideals based on such. This in turn creates an economic character of sorts.

The economic practices of countries do not change for centuries let alone a decade. The political scholars, the politicians, the economic experts and the economic Gurus, the Lauretes and the fame seekers and the wannabe enetrprisers, the successful mavens and the “eyeing the pie” members they all derive some sort of piece from an economic description of anything of interest. eg you will see pretty opinions about everything that moves the corners of the world via the numerous strong and weak media organizations, the casual gossip on internet to actual studies that represent a fractional behavior of such trends are a day to day and at times even an hourly occurence.

Needless to say I have had experience of such a vast nature in plenty of aspects that sometimes I feel inspired to make an opinion or two. The fact is my actual experience in many aspects are older than 5 years in many instances but even a recent week in another. I have been a continuous traveler to various parts of the world although I haven’t traveled abroad from India in the last 3 years. I keep myself busy in various studies of interest to me most of which you can say is Physics or opinions of sorts.

To tell you the truth I can not write every piece that I know so it all sort of goes into my subconscious or intuition from where it is really a dfficult job to retrieve them. I keep myself comfortable in a very spontaneous way atleast I do not have a need to jump crazy everytime I say something which may not be true. There is no world body or an individual in the world which can make absolute sense of everything and give you a complete picture of everything. In my favorite explanation this is all in line with a few hypotheses of Quantum Mechanics, if you bother to make a search on the kind of philosophy this generated even 8 decades ago you will see that we haven’t been quite different from what we were a century ago. Einstein traveled via the fastest train and he was as uncertain as Paul Kruger would be about economic conditions of the day.

The speed has changed but not the rules and not the conditions. You would think they have but when you come out of the potential box you would only appreciate the underlying unity of it all. Nobody has a complete answer about everything howsoever prepared it is and howsoever big it is in it’s scope. It is for the first time ever in the history of Physics that it has happened that a principle like Quantum Mechanics, in it’s ideals if not philosophy alone, explains everything. At times such as in a field of study where the control parameters are fairly well known the predictions take a detailed and a mathematical form. But at times when it is not so, eg the social dynamics or modern trends of world business we do not have as much clarity in terms of what we already know as a principle of Quantum Mechanics.

In any case it is not the Uncertainty Principle of Heisenberg I am talking about here, it is the generic nature of information and our ability to make sense of every information depending on further degrees of information which is obviously suggestive of a data centric study of everything that belongs to Quantum Mechanics in it’s general appeal. That is known since 8 to 10 decades.

If you are to make a specific sense of this I am telling you it is basically facts, observations, data ..¬† which is not spurious or prejudiced that is enough to make good sense of a problem whatever be the nature of such problem. Ofcourse we do not enter the human mind, but who does? A witch hunter or a phantom hunter or a Sadhu from Baranasi? It is only a commercial exploitation of our ignorance which has caused so much acceptance even in an academic community, of pseudo science and pseudo philosophy, it is massively burgeonic and propagates activities which in turn creates business out of nothing, an economic bigbang of kind. It has thus become an integral part of a mass which is hardly prepared to realize it’s detrimental aspects. It inhibits true intellectual progress of the human mind which you definitely know in a holistic mind-body-spirit path keeps us healthier.

If you drink healthy water you are healthy, if you drink pathogenic water you have a body which complaints so bad it gives up all control you had on your life. It is a fundamental ideal of science that we be conscious of what is healthy and what is not. It is not constricted to a material health but a spiritual health as well where our thoughts need to be refined and no refinement comes without a prepared submission to the ideals of scientific query. We must give up on our religious ideals howsoever dear they might be to us if we are to see the actual implications of something that we had never come across. It is this preparedness to change which has brought some degree of economic and existential progress into India. Not much and not absolute. If we do not build up on such we will not have as brighter a future as we could have, had we been a little kind towards ourselves to give up on our falsities and pseudo cultures.

Now this is not directly connected to the economic policies of another country through a cause-effect relationship. It is connected through an effect relationship for sure, but not through a cause relationship. In totality we can say it is not a causal relationship and that can still make it a causal relationship. This is an implication of Quantum Mechanics. Without Quantum Mechanics we were forming our notions about cause and effect separately. But Quantum Mechanics has made it possible to have a causal relationship with either of the both. An effect is a cause and a cause is an effect we do not need to have two separate sides to make one complete causal entity. You can have a coin with just one side, either the head or the tail and with evolution it is a “complete” coin. That’s what happens at the level of physical elements and that decides everything about our existence. Everything. We are not equipped to know everything in a decade or a century, but in our timeline we have since a century reached a plateu where we know for sure that this is so. We are not sure how. We know it is true because all the thousands and more factual observation and knowledge we have accumulated it has never been to the contrary.

So in the concurrent activities USA and India are two economies that are causally connected. That means what Americans did 100 years ago is going to affect us and what we did will so, affect them. It only takes time. This means we are all hanging like puppets except we have a little free will where we can kick around so we can move a little more than if we were not free-willed-puppets. And then these puppets talk, crib, opinionate, make attempts to harm each other, make attempts to steal what does not belong to them, take bribes, take salary from Mr X and work for Mr Y, make freindships and betray their best friend for their best friend’s girl friend and so on.

Now that the USA has policies a century ago which can causally imbalance it’s current trends one need not strictly associate the current economic recession with a housing mortgage myopia. It can also be associated with various other myopic steps that the USA had taken in it’s reasonable history. One of such from my views is the issue of immigration. The United States is famously a nation of immigrants, most of which were Europians. But in the recent century and the recent deacdes this trend was subverted to allow immigrants from far east, middle east, central east, south east and so on. China, India, Korea, Japan, Arab, Israel and where not.

The problem with the United States is it was a rich and autocratic democracy which came across as a land of freedom because of it’s wealth and the shear degrees of freedom. If a man owns 100 acres and he has a chain of business any man in any other country is going to be impressed. If a man has 500 publications, 100 books, 50 conference invited speaker, 15 awards and 5 positions in famous organizations any man in any other country will be impressed. Then that becomes a brand practice. What is forgotten conveniently is an ideal of science: sustainability. Only what can sustain and grow and has a good desirable quality can make good business if produced ethically and humanisticly. That’s a principle of science that can bully any economic practice like the ghost of Michael Jackson can bully any wannabe pop singer. And it does.

The sustainability conditions of allowing immigrants is what has caused a great deal of imbalance in the economy of USA. Atleast I grew up in the United States in the last decades believing so, as I observed so. You allow 200 guests into your house, what will happen? May be your TV set will also be stolen. If you are unlucky your wife will find a much suitable mate in that herd of guests. It does happen in India. Getting married is a passport to running away if chance occurs within the first few years of your honeymoon. Just kidding.

OK you can take care of 200 guests at ease and you will be pleased to do so. What if it is 500, what if it is 2000, what if it is 2 million, what if it is 20 million, what if you allowed a subtle system that takes care of an unknown number of guests through these 20 million? It is unsustainable and it does create far more pressure on you than you can bear even if you are a great nation, which still you are.

The USA could never deal properly with it’s immigrant burden. On one hand the immigrants have their own aspirations and they are the biggest task force that keeps the USA economy from faltering, it keeps the labs and the industry going. These immigrants have their various aspirations which are not necessarily fulfilled. On the other hand the natives and the immigrants both have to take the burden of sustainability. It is a new economic condition of the USA that was brewing since several decades, it only took the skin off the American economy. One can only learn lessons from great turmoils. And the Americans are one of the best people to learn faster. Sometimes they are just too taken up in other’s business.

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