The approach to unify Language.

The thought of Sun theory of language is “√§ny word is an alphabet.” Therefore there are infinite number of languages and infinite number of rules of language and infinite number of alphabet. Therefore humanity has only learned to produce new alphabets, and a word is the way to do it. If I say damn, it says: d, a, m, n is an alphabet. alphabet; literal meaning is miniaturization. {therefore quantization} because alpha means less/ap/ab {ap as in apapsis, alpa as in Indianic: alpayu} and bat/bet is adjective-suffix of alpa. {as English: LY in nicely}

Cockture of India

Believe it or not due to their ramification words will sound coincidental and hilarious. eg Orange would mean O-Kingdom. But also it would mean O-color, the color of sun. But thats what it is. O is often taken to mean Sun, as sun is circular or O like. The fruit Orange is also “philosophically” a vitality of Sun, therefore Sun’s Jurisdiction or Kingdom or Range which in Indianic again means color, again check R.Ange as R Part/limb/organ, R is Sun. But how? Lets take R=Ray, then R being sun is evident. Which is how you should read the occurrence of O in various words if you were to understand its deeper meaning. This practice of giving O as a symbol/phonetics/philosophy of Sun can be found in many languages {eg Japanese}, and then the symbol/phonetics/philosophy alternates, O becomes A, which is how Adam, Adam is O-Dom = Sun’s Jurisdiction, Its this Dom which is Dharma = properties/kingdom/color/woman/man/resting etc which all derive from Sun.

The further meaning of Sun.

You can see inkstone as ankstone where ank=ankh is eye and stone is Sun. Stone is sun as son+ton. son=som=sun and ton is greek for sun {if read reverse = Not}. This also comes from fact that ton is sound/nada and tuni {Odi: silent, phil: sun is always silent} !! Not is for this reason natha=Lord and nose/nasa/naka/niku. Greek are for this reason called elnik. {light of the nose/hotoke, elnis, sunil, suneli, blue, bluish}. Greek were ancient people who lived in every country and Greek lang. mixed with all languages. Wait for meaning of Megasthenes.

Hanumana was a superior/preceding God than Rama and was sunjugated to his feet.

This fact was recognized much earlier by ancient Indians. They like all other sun philosophy practices worshiped Hanumana (Monkey God) as Sun’s avatar. (there are more than 10 avatar, there are millions of avatar not just 10) Why Monkey/Ape was considered Sun? 1st of all earlier philosophy was Sun’s vitality: snake, deer, fish, Vohr, humans … Now an ape is liek half-human, hence hanuman = Na+human. Don’t argue human as a word must not be known to the people that lived in say 1st century BC, anywhere in the world or these people did not migrate anywhere. Precisely such arguments are made to propagate myth in view of a fictitious world rather than an actual world.

Ancient India’s national anthem.

sada shudha ya ramasya {Forever and pious this my country}

gala-nira bahabati baharata {the pious glowing water that flows}

ava-udanam ata-ramasya {The sun/glow has risen in this country}

tad-usmanam srujam-ym {We have been created from this glow, the glow that created us}

purartanaya sudhana {the ancestors ** and the present ***}

vina-saja chatudish-krutam {The voice/music and protective shadow everywhere}

ramasya anthep (anthem) anna chhaya {Country’s anthem, welfare}

suvaivava jaye jaye { All say (glory and prosperity) victory victory}