In my 4 years of face-booking I never unliked a page. Did this for the first time today. In the name of culture of India {or cockture of India?} this page which claims to talk about grandeur of Indian architecture purported to spread malicious untruths. How blind these people can be? Well they are not blind. They want everyone else around them to be, so their hideous agenda are carried out. This time these are political, religious outfits trying to give us the impression that they are sharing cultural and historical information. These are definitely funded by or sympathetic towards some sort of jingoistic political outfits who want to create a vicious wrongful attitude towards OTHERS, sentimentalize and polarize US for grabbing support for various causes. One example is constantly belittling every other culture or cultural contribution from “OTHER’S” except “whats OURS” forgetting or trampling the fact that we are also MIXED, in other words there never has been a “we are as unlike anyone else“, but thats precisely the goal. To prove that “we are detached and indigenous“.

They will try to prove anything thats an anti-fact. Credible historian are not liked by them simply because it does not go with their uneducated views about everything. So everyone who brings testable knowledge must be trampled. Simple observations must be colored in vicious and untrue opinions that do not make much sense. Its notable that the “Moguls or Islam distorting the Hindu temples” are merely ploys to spread malice and slander against communities that YOU do not identify with so that automatically YOUR trust is own. In other words these same forces are present as Islamic (actually terrorists) in Islamic-countries and Christianic (actually terrorists) in Christianic-countries. They need majority head counts while they are themselves in little numbers. They really don’t care for any particular religion or their adherents. These are the same forces that defaced the “Hindu” temples in ancient times. Its actually terrorists who broke or defaced “Hindu” temples. It was an attack on a Kingdom or community not an ipso-facto attack on any Religion.

Unfortunately a large number of people would tend to believe that its Islamic forces which defaced Hindu temples. Its rather terrorists who defaced them. And by the way there never was a Hindu religion ever {neither were there any other major religion in ancient times as they are purported TO BE in today’s time, all major religions are mixation of 1000s of streams of minor religions which actually in their mixing derive from other minor or major religions}. These are latter day manipulations, manipulations are executed by taking words or coincidences that occur in large number **  and then subverted or given falsified meaning.

{Neither were there ever any Sanatan Dharma, Dharma is a result of a ” mixing of words” that mean “Kingdom” or region etc. Its this Dom in Kingdom which renders to the Dharma, linguistically. If you still want to understand it better, there is aram {means RESTING} in Dharma. Residence/region/Alaya/alasya/arama/rams/rans/rand/round/rang/ranja/ranga/range/Dams/Damascus, are the related words, {Damascus; Dharma-sikha* = top region, sun’s region* etc}

* note how sikha {top} alternates to jikha which is phonetically jagah/jigah=place/region. Also its this sikha which is present in secamet or whatever that purports to represent, the lion on top of a woman/man with a Pi like rendering. Its this sikha which is also in Jesus [Je cikha, one c/s and another c/k, for this reason despite of different phonetics sikha and sisa both represent TOP, in Indianic/hindi etc, eg sis, sisa, sirsa etc]

** eg R+M gives Rama then it becomes Lord Rama, everything then that carries the Bow becomes a Purushottama, ignoring the fact that this Lord Rama was not same as how its purported to be in our time, Rama merely represented a concept of a King to the extent that such a myth was acceptable to an incumbent society, where it was not there were other forms that were practiced, and so on. But since there was mixing of civilization, various subversion tactics were not impossible even 2000 years ago, One credible example would be how Hanumana Himself was subjugated to Ram’s Feet whereas Hanumana will have all the evidence to be a prominent candidate of a God-Philosophy which then makes him the God in a latter day myth. But Hanumana or Rama they both come from the underlying Sun-Philosophy, where humanity greatly mastered everything in terms of Sun’s various properties as was known by humanity from time to time, which is why you see, flowers, lions, horses etc on temple design. They are understood to be driven by the vitality given or driven by sun. Everything was understood and passed as Sun’s Jurisdiction. Its not without a reason that snake was chosen to be suitable of having a place in Temples. Snake is a prominently occuring vitality of Sun despite of it having fatal consequences.

Believe it or not due to their ramification words will sound coincidental and hilarious. eg Orange would mean O-Kingdom. But also it would mean O-color, the color of sun. But thats what it is. O is often taken to mean Sun, as sun is circular or O like. The fruit Orange is also “philosophically” a vitality of Sun, therefore Sun’s Jurisdiction or Kingdom or Range which in Indianic again means color, again check R.Ange as R Part/limb/organ, R is Sun. But how? Lets take R=Ray, then R being sun is evident. Which is how you should read the occurrence of O in various words if you were to understand its deeper meaning. This practice of giving O as a symbol/phonetics/philosophy of Sun can be found in many languages {eg Japanese}, and then the symbol/phonetics/philosophy alternates, O becomes A, which is how Adam, Adam is O-Dom = Sun’s Jurisdiction, Its this Dom which is Dharma = properties/kingdom/color/woman/man/resting etc which all derive from Sun. }

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