Hanumana was a much more prominent God in the world before Rama. Rama came later .. then a myth was created that subverted Hanumana into an inferior form, where you see Hanumana in the feet of Rama. What actually happened? a new wave of people subjugated another that existed. Here is why I think so.

Shri Raghunatah (said to be Rama) is actually Sun manifesting as Hanumana. See below.

Shri Rag-huna-thaw
(surhya rajya soma udaya)

udaya when read reverse can give pada = feet = descend = avatar. so its teh same word. udaya means appear as in sun appears. A person appears or his feet is refered to. thaw which I phoneticized to udaya when read backwards gives bada or pada = feet. Which is why you see huna = hanu at the feet of Raghu = Rama. In actuality there is no Raghu or Rama as a Hindu God. This is a chakma (fooling around). Rama as is Raghu is clearly rajya = reign/region/dom/kingdom. All people were considered to be a jurisdiction of Sun. A rama of sun. Rama means mine (mera, of Sun’s, of people, of kingdom’s) When a new flux of people arrived they subjugated the earlier God, namely Hanumana. There is a very old Hanumana temple (7th AD?) in Bhubaneswar. This practice of subjugating Gods of earlier people is inbuilt into Indianic myth.

Why Hanu-Mana (hanu namah = ha+na namah = Yes/No honor = Sun, yes/no like day/night, flame/shadow, white/dark, rain/dry are but Sun’s characteristics)

This fact was recognized much earlier by ancient Indians. They like all other sun philosophy practices worshiped Hanumana (Monkey God) as Sun’s avatar. (there are more than 10 avatar, there are millions of avatar not just 10) Why Monkey/Ape was considered Sun? 1st of all earlier philosophy was Sun’s vitality: snake, deer, fish, Vohr, humans … Now an ape is liek half-human, hence hanuman = Na+human. Don’t argue human as a word must not be known to the people that lived in say 1st century BC, anywhere in the world or these people did not migrate anywhere. Precisely such arguments are made to propagate myth in view of a fictitious world rather than an actual world.

Its this Yes/No philosophy of Human+Not which made it Hanumana. But see Human is H+namah = Ha/he+honor = Sun Honor. The H comes from Helio as sun. Actually He is sun as in a person He. But lio is light. So Human could as well have existed as haman or haban or heman due to various alternations. The English language is far older if its phonetics elements are matched with its present day letters and phonetics.

Note from earlier post**
huna=sun=soma. Chek this huna with hanumana, same !! hanumana (huna namah) is Sun’s avatar. (avatar=ava choura=ava chatu ra, ava jadu ra, ava surhya ra)

Sun always comes from contrasting parts like chi+na, ha+na, su+n. where one part means YES/4/day and the other part No/0/night !! All names in the world (billions now) will fall into this scheme. M-theory of language or MX theory !!

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