Secularism is not an idea of looking at religions equally as we have often been told. All religions are different from each other and so are their Gods. The “Gods” reflect the mindset of their believers and thats the most logical  evidence why Gods are created by the human mind. But secularism is about separating the influence of religions, old and new alike, from the ways of governance.

Religion is the most powerful way to cause bloodshed, not atomic bombs. When the bombs are exploded people are killed but the blood evaporates within essentially no time, so there is no bloodshed. (pun intended) 

Without religion science may be lame but with religion science is blind. A religiously influenced mind lacks scientific discrimination, for such a reasoning.

One scientific dogma can be busted by another. One religious dogma often nurtures another. (You see) religion is a multiplication of dogmas, necessary for its existence. Science could be dogmatic as a matter of “fact” not as a matter of necessity.

Scientists never have monasteries because they don’t have to live in unison. Science itself is a miraculous phenomena of unison in disunion.

Science is the most cultivated value system. It gives you a “job” without asking “why?” for asking why.

We don’t need monasteries, but we need laboratories and libraries and universities and downtowns with a lot of bars. Without the laboratories we will be tyrannous to our families, without the universities and libraries we will be wonderers but without the bars and hang-arounds our creativity will be like a dead man’s dreams.

Science is like sex, the pain and pleasure are necessary, guilt is personal and ethics is power, morality is a dogma but choice is natural.

[If you can’t take the pain, don’t want pleasure, can’t deal with the guilt, enjoying power eludes you, you are stuck with morality and can’t make a choice, don’t think of science]

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