Its only sexist when … selective sexism. Reply

Its only sexist when you say it to a degraded fallen cabinet minister? Did she behave well with others? Talk AMU’s VC? He doesn’t have his dignity? Oh you are so engrossed with sexism, only when you want to save a woman. Its just a cover. You can make any problem look like sexism if you want to but only when a woman is to be addressed, because thats (sexism) the only thing that bothers you?

What about Taylor Swift? Is salacious comparisons just manly and hence sexism? The better answer was; A bigger earlobe doesn’t mean a music-lover. So a bigger labia doesn’t mean promiscuity. How many screamed oh thats so grossly sexist? Nobody, because it came from a woman? Sexism is when someone is degraded only for his/her sex, that is gender. Not only when a man does it. Because raising a flag only when a man is doing it, is also sexism, it wants to degrade men for their gender.

Yes we feel slighted when anyone criticizes our hanging gold. Just because you are criticizing something that you are not looking at directly doesn’t mean you are not body shaming us.

What are my personal view about the invective she was facing? They are in bad taste, exactly the things she was doing in her office running it like a fiefdom. But two wrongs ain’t do a thing right.

I have had a voracious deal of arguments with my father, mother and sister about this, right from the days of my youth. Whenever I get revengeful they advise me; if a dog bites a sage would a sage bite the dog back? And as usual I would fume that thats so not right, so not a good answer. So after a while, boastfully it occurs to me, ah here is what I must retort to them; and I am like “can’t they at-least take a thenga (big stick; a walking support for old people) and beat the dog with it? After all the dog started it.” On occasions I did state my inspirational vengeance methods, at-least to my younger sister if not my father. And there would be no answer.

But as I have grown up in the decades I have realized one thing. The VC’s dignity stands venerable, still it does. He didn’t fall. The minister’s did. At-least till she does not feel remorse for her action, otherwise she will become a monster. We really do not have to take a thenga and beat her with it, no mater how big or small the thenga is.

Enough; we can’t bring sense to those who are lopsided morons in their own right.

Do you wanna go to heaven? Reply

If you follow my talisman given below you will remember 6 kanji for your life.

I will give you some simplest funniest tricks to remember some Japanese Kanji. (Kanji is originally Chinese, but rules have evolved in Japan that might make them used or interpreted differently).

I bet no one gave you that before. Probably because they were not having fun with these the way they would have had if these were toys.

I will give you homologous ones !

犬、 人、大、天

Lets rearrange them in the order of their evolution.

人、大、犬、, 天

Now they represent; person, big, dog, heaven.

First you are a person. Then you become big (eg a CEO) then you become a “dog” and eventually you did end up in heaven.

As far as I know I do not know of further sequence of these homologous ones.

Not to forget this guy; 火. It comes right after you become a dog, so you ended up in China and they put you on fire grill before you could be sent to heaven. So thats fire = 火.

And I do remember; 太. Now thats fat or thick. A fat person isn’t so different from a dog. If you see in evolution it comes after you become a big fella.

SO this; 人、大、太 、犬、火、天.

If you now forget this sequence ever again its because you are cursing me for analogizing in term of fat and doggy people. But thats a sure shot way.

Person becomes big. Then he is fat. People call him dog. Chinese people burn him and he ends up in heaven.

These are all the kanji I already knew over the years, so basically I could recall. Don’t know any more homologous ones, other wise my theory will change.

[ And you don’t know even the poor husband figures somewhere, yea. husband = 夫. Find where it belongs in the life cycle of a man. ]

Cursor Hysteria ! Reply

For a month now I was having problems with my desktop. The word didn’t strike me until yesterday as to how I should describe it so that I can make a google search first.
Like in other issues the word did strike me on its own, without any help. But sometimes words strike first sometime after 5 years.
[its true, I remember after 5 years what I should have said to some one, yea “5 cartons of milk please”, although last I was in the grocery store was 5 years ago.]
So couple weeks ago I thought its my mouse which is doing this, why else the cursor would go hysteric.
I do have a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse. You know when they help you the most. yey.
But I didn’t wanna buy another wireless mouse. They are a bit on the high side of price, about 4 times more than what a wired one would cost you.
So I got a new wired one but the problem still persist.
Since a few days the problem became really unbearable, I just couldn’t do anything with the computer. Reading a page was impossible, because of high speed scrolling etc.
So yesterday the word struck me. Erratic mouse movement. I just put those words on google and see how known these problems are. Which is why I compared Microsoft with religion.
On their support page they just mention “reduce the cursor speed on settings to less than 5”. But anyone who faces the problem knows that its hogwash. A search on google gives a tons of other factors that actually do it.
I was bemused that even anti virus programs do such nuisance, so wear it off and then on. Hardware does it. The surface on which mouse rests does it. A hair stuck on a optical outlet of the mouse does it. Tons and tons of reason.
No Microsoft prescribed solution to setting doesn’t do any thing. May be not less than 5 but even you have to set it to level 1 or 2 then the problem goes down a little. But when it comes back you are in a pickle again for hours altogether.
So I thought of reinstalling the whole OS. Since I needed to download from the web, it asked for a blank more than 4 GB pen drive, I was having some lone time, because I have to search for a good drive and so on.
Luckily enough before doing anything more other than downloading the iso file I noticed that I can’t type letters. Gosh, so many keys aren’t working. Now is there bug in the pickle when I am swimming through it? A whale may be?
SO, I am in my usual exasperated avatar, shouting some invective at the lowest possible decibel. Damn it now I realize why the ctrl key wasn’t working 5 hrs ago.
So I am thinking is everything alright with the key board?
I took it and flipped upside down. Oh my God where is the oil coming from. I didn’t spill and water here. Whats that liquid.
I thought may be an electric fuse has melt somewhere. But I took the battery cover off and see that the kids are crying profusely. Duracell. The cells that I hold with the highest veneration are defiled. Thats where the liquid is coming from.
Quickly I removed them. Cleaned with a cotton as much that could be cleaned. Put some new batteries.
Given that an hour has passed and I am doing everything so well up again, I have one more thing to add to the list of things that cause erratic mouse movement. Why not call it cursor hysteria?
Leaked batteries can cause this dreaded problem. PBH. Peace Be upon Humanity. Amen.

Why terrorism is not Islamic in nature. Reply

Are wars terrorism? They could be fueled by religious interests as much as they could be by financial and other factors like defense.

Wars, military and defense are supposed to be practical not whimsical like America and Japan have shown in the past.

So as long as we are practical and in the best interest of humanity (not us-humans but all-humans) wars could deter vociferous and inimical interests from harming us-humans or all-humans.

But often wars can be fueled by religious and terrorist interest. (These are two different occurrences although can work to boost each other)

So is terrorism Islamic in nature? NO. It could come from any kind of group out there. In medieval times wars were fought for religious sanctity or what we know; so we have been told, in modern times. But wars were also fought to survive or live in luxury, by plundering others. Whatever the case all wars lead to some sort of terrorism there, at-least it fuels further acrimony and terrorism.

Why isn’t terrorism an Islamic raison detre per se?

Lets look a little deeper.

We call Islam a religion of terror because there are suicide bombers. People that are apparently killing us because they are haters and bigots who would sacrifice themselves for protecting their religion and their culture. Thats true. But its not the whole truth. These kind of killers could be there in every group not just religious, let alone Islam.

In Islam suicide is not promoted. According to Quran; killing “infidels” through martyrdom is fine. You are protecting yourself. Of-course it can be abused, but which religion doesn’t manipulate its privilege and abuse its trust?

The west like it gives derogatory terms to everything thats not The West gave suicide bombers a boost in the moral psyche of the world. 3rd world, suicide bombers, axis of evil, and what not. They are always right and you are always wrong.

Now you would be thinking infidels would be religious? But not necessarily. Is Suicide Bomber a christian term? English didn’t come from Hindu, Budhist, Muslim or even Jew. Its just their language, especially from a medieval time.

Now you might think I m taking you in circle but I am not. Killing by suicide is not necessarily an Islamic thing. Its a war thing. Its a military thing. You take a sword or knife and kill “infidels” (kafir; The non-believers of the all pervading religious nation state under the jurisdiction of Allah, but thats how things existed, thats how Roman empire and Greeks existed as well. Ancient India called them Hindu samrat, what was the f* problem?)

Now if suicide could be employed as a tactic to kill enemy and not just because we hate you, while thats true, but also because its a military strategy.

You don’t believe that? Probably because you are not too intelligent to search or know before blurting out your diatribes against Islam or any other group that you hate.

I did. Couple days ago I saw some westerner trying to appease how the Japanese do not have as much casualties because they just do not allow the f*rs into their country.

Far away from truth in two ways. Japan is obsessed with West. The same way West always plays down its more respectable rich partner because they are not us. you gotta see this to believe it.

The Japanese do not discriminate with Islam just because the west wants them to. These are very own minded people, the Japanese. You can’t tell them too much what to do or not, although occasionally it will work, because they are trying to please you.

Why so much about Japanese, because I am obsessed right? NO.

Its the Japanese who pioneered suicide killing. Not Islamic jihadist. The jihadist is just using that as a military strategy.

“During World War II, about 3,860 kamikaze pilots died.”

kamikaze is Japanese term literally meaning Divine Breeze (to kill you) It sounds religious but its not. All names are religious in nature, change it to alpha-b1-x2 if you don’t like it.

kamikaze were suicidal warships. Attack the enemy by risking your lives.

In comparison in a few years how many suicide killings are there?

Talk sense when you want to talk about world history. Don’t be a hater towards anything.

how time slows down because we are fast wrt it. Reply


So here is the article “Stephen Hawking Einstein and my ideas” written the 4th of December 2010.

Thinking about time and relativity it just passes my own thinking that Hawking has merely made accessible most of the elegant yet incomprehensible genius of Einstein. But thinking more about this it also occurs to me that Einstein was not thinking in terms in which S. Hawking or anybody explaining his theories was.

Nevertheless Hawkings work is in itself the work of a genius because explaining these not so simple (after all) work of Einstein can only be achieved by a genius of Hawkings caliber. Hawkings clarity, wit and unimaginable access to all the physical ideas of our Universe and comprehensibility is a trademark, a sign of uniqueness. More…

“Peter Irks Rhea and Commits Felony” is an easy way to remember the Spectrochemical series. Reply

1. Peter Irks Rhea. Commits Critical Felony. Felony committed at Night is Minimum.

2. Cold Condition. (say) NO 2 Night Halting (for 3 Hrs). Non-Committed-Souls Head 2 Office. Office Hours For Super-Committed-Nerds Closes Before.

In a crystal field the d-orbitals of the metal ions gain degeneracy due to Ligand electrons. (That is the equal energy levels of d-orbitals of metal are now unequal due to electron repulsion from Ligand, depending on in which direction the d-orbitals are pointed to Ligand)

Which ions (or Ligands) are more powerfully degenerated (or degenerative) and which are less? There is an order called Spectro-Chemical series.

So I just thought a little to easily remember the series.

1. When geometry (eg tetrahedral or octahedral) and Ligands are fixed how does it affect the metal ions? More splitting denoted by >.

(strong field) Pt4+ > Ir3+ > Rh3+ > Co3+ > Cr3+ > Fe3+ > Fe2+ > Co2+ > Ni2+ > Mn2+ (weak field)

2. When geometry and metal ions are fixed how are Ligands affecting?

CO (~) CN- > NO2- > NH3 > NCS- > H2O > OH- > F- > SCN- (~) Cl- > Br-


The concept behind Crystal Field Theory (Incidentally developed by Physicists like Hans Bethe as an alternative to Valence Bond theory) is described in detail here.