Simple Rules of Economics/Capital.

A fantastic bilingual website from the state of Odisha. English and Odia. Very informative especially for entrepreneurs as the name of website speaks of:, bepara (byapar) is Odia for transactions/business. Here is a fantastic article written in Odia which I am translating partly to English. I am also appending the article as-it-is in Odia script, as its a valuable and interesting article by the title “Some simple rules”

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“Some simple rules”

Rule of 72; An estimate of period by which capital gets doubled. “Annual compound interest rate” = 9% the 72/9 = 8th year gives “Capital doublization period”.

Rule of 114; Divide by 114, the interest rate (as above, compound interest rate) to get “Capital triplization period” (triplication)

Rule of 144; this gives like above period by which capital gets quadrupled (4 times “original capital” in 144/annual-compound-interest-rate)

Rule of 70; In how many days inflation can half your capital, is obtained by dividing instantaneous/current-inflation-rate by 70. (applied towards pension schemes)

To tip or not?

As you read from what Wikipedia has compiled countries like Japan and Australia prohibit such. Many countries are very low tip expecting countries. But there are many not just the USA which demand or expect large tips in many different kind of services. I don’t have experience in many countries, but I have lived for 7 years in US and Japan and have been to close to 500 cities in US/India and Japan. SO I really have first hand experience of what tip means in these 3 countries.

The newer policy on EAv

So here is the total policy now. I compute div/share/share-price, multiply that by 25 (8th division of my maximum without desserts) and multiply that by “portfolio-selfbuying-factor or in language of Physics “proper-buying” which could be fractional, or integral+fractional)

So (div/share/share-price)*(8th division of share-max)*(proper-buying).