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A month ago (3 days more than that) I gave this status about where I stand on EAv (– social network site) which I joined 7 moths ago (I haven’t been able to put its ticker on my website here, But my share price is 130 for div/share 1.01, good show) Here is the change in () a month later. I am growing fast especially since I am a bit more active (only 3 times I have been active in the 7 months, and this time as you can see a month or slightly more)

My EAv wealth in India

(rise: 15, now top 2nd of India) top 17th weekly earning

(rise: 13, now top 7th of India) top 20th weekly dividend

(rise: 10, now top 14th of India) top 24th share price

(rise: 13, now top 28th of India) top 41th portfolio wealth

(rise: 9, now top 35th of India) top 44th wealth

Leadership in India

(fall: 1, now top 8th of India)  top 7th EAv-wordpress

(rise: 10, now top 3rd of India) top 13th EAv score

(rise: 8, now top 13th of India) top 21th EAv-google+

(rise: 2, now top 26th of India) top 28th Eav-facebook

(fall:2, now top 62nd of India)  top 60th EAv-instagram


In addition I am top 66th on twitter “EAv rating” when a month ago I wasn’t within top 100. And top 9th daily gainer also from India) 

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