Here is my latest policy on Empire Avenue !! The #socialsharemarket policy. Before that the recapitulation to the older policy which was also put on this website as an article. look for *** below.

That policy says if I want to maintain a div/share of 1.0 what I need to do? Its an intuitive approach although mathematical so you are welcome to criticize (not ridicule, criticism is analytical but ridicule is not) .. And why 1.0? Perhaps b/cos share price is close to 100 so div/share being 1.0 its an ideal return (given to the market trend most high profile members are far below this ideal value which reflects the fact of quality of their shares, not very attractive somewhere along they might have lost the golden lining on their shares) A div/share of 1.0 and a share price of 100, that makes the return, which I called true dividend per share as 10/1000 or 10/K or 10 parts per 1000. That means if your share price is 1K (1000) then each of your shares are returning 10 Eaves. For spending 1000 Eaves you get back 10 Eaves. Currently my share price is 133.01 and my div/share is 1.02. 7.67/K is my true return. This is a per-unit calculation hence much more useful that the official div/share which is 1.02 but depending on share price varies far too much. for share price 130 its very attractive div/share for share price 200 its much less attractive. So I have computed the true div/share as div/share/share-price. Then I decide howmuch (as explained in ***) I buy in others depending on this true div/share/share-price. Since I have maximum of 200 shares that I can buy normally (without deserts that is) in others I divide that into 4 equal divisions per 100 share-ability. That is 8 divisions in 200 share-ability. Thats 25 shares for 1/K true returns (div/share/share-price). That means if someone’s div/share/share-price is 3.2/K I would buy in him 25*3.2 shares. So give me a higher div/share/share-price and I buy much higher shares in you. {these numbers will change eg 25 will change, I might divide my ability into refined divisions say 12.5 per div/share/share-price, this is defined by share-abiliy so, having say 300 for all portfolios would mean a better buying factor than 25 or 12.5 as would be aplicable then} Also this is what I call a “current policy” or “current policy maximum” b/cos having a div/share/share-price of 5.0 would mean I buy 125 shares in you despite of my share-ability of 200. So 125 is my max-out in you and this is different for different portfolios.

Currently there are many portfolios who buy much larger shares in me. I cannot have them a max out at 125 if, say, they buy 1000 shares in me. (without a policy I would go 200, b/cos thats share-ability) So I am roughly multilying 3 for very very high portfolios to my current-policy max out. It could still be less or more than 300 (desert ability) .. I would also multiply 2.5 for some portfolios if they are very large buyers but not as big as the biggest I have. There is no uniformity. So I chnaged that to a better uniform policy today and already started applying. This was imminent since my div/share hence div/share/share-price started falling. (due to multilying that factor randomly to large buyers)

Whats the new policy and why so? The new policy is; I take another factor which is “howmany the buyer bought in me divided by his share-price“. Lets say he buys 1200 and his share-price is 600 then there is an additional factor of 2 here which I will multiply to my current-policy rather than 3 or 2.5. So 1st: this is portfolio dependent so it does not allow groupism. 2nd: this is saying howmany more the buyer is allowing me to buy his shares by buying my shares. For each of his share-buys I would buy my current-policy. If he buys 2 times more than his own share price I can buy his shares twice as well. If he buys 800 his factor is 1.33 instead of 2. He is buying less of him, why should I buy more of him? Eat your pie if you wanna sell them. If someone buys 300 shares in me(desite mine being 133 at price he is actually doing himself a favor since he gets div/share/share-price  7.7 or whatever while his may well be 4.5) So I buy exensive shares and I get less returns  div/share/share-price. If he buys large numbe of his own shares he is actually a great buyer b/cos he understands the pressure he is alying on you. Then I can buy larger shares in him as well subjected to my abilities. Thats Physics of socailsharemarket. You generate pressure and accordingly I am willing to exert a sharepressure on you and expend my sharefuels.

So here is the total policy now. I compute div/share/share-price, multiply that by 25 (8th division of my maximum without desserts) and multiply that by “portfolio-selfbuying-factor” or in language of Physics “proper-buying” which could be fractional, or integral+fractional)

So (div/share/share-price)*(8th division of share-max)*(proper-buying).

*** Update to policy below: “now I will deliver shares in “fractions” wrt to policy below. I will multiply your index to 25 to get howmany ? (if 1/1000 gives 25 shares then your index will give total shares, pl. read below)

Here is how I am buying/selling shares for now. I will readjust again when my share-price and div/share change and when I have more pies (and more time). For now there are 4 indices. A 0-2, B 2-4, C 4-6 and D 6-8. My dividend-index currently ~6.7. How? my div/share is 0.77 and share-price is 114.70. So truer index is 0.77/114.70= 0.0067 = 6.7/1000. (index is 6.7) Calculate your index and see where it lies.

For A I purchase 50 shares. For B I purchase 100 shares, For C I purchase 150 and for D I purchase 200 shares. (there may be errors, you can point out I will rectify) Also when I have more pies and when I am more available into EAv I will change buying/selling which will be more appropriate for the individuals. That means instead of 50 I might buy 75 shares, to save precious time/calculation I will go in steps, currently 50. (it might come to 25 and then 12 etc) Give it all some time. I am an individual social media enthusiast and not a businessman (as of yet) Hence pl. excuse my time. When I have more I will think more of you and will always try to benefit you more. THANKS.

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