A nonconfirmist.


( — This answer was pt.1, it received 419 up/likes and 88 down/dislikes, Note from link the statistics has increased over the year by 100 likes more and 24 dislikes more and the answer was from 2005, hence gives a good overview and objectivity of people’s responses. My View: he proves he is approaching the question with a degree of reasonable objectivity )

Contrary to popular belief, there IS such a thing as a nonconformist. However, they ARE rare. True nonconformists conform to their OWN ideas ( — which, in reality is not conforming at all). Since they only conform to themselves, they come in all different forms, depending on what type of person they are. In short, a nonconformist is a totally honest and transparent person who says what they think does what they want.

A few disturbing trends in our country.

A few disturbing trend of the Indian nation today

We used to say “India is an undisciplined country” then we came up with a more respectable “India is a chaotic country”.

From discipline to chaos, we made a step of science, but strictly speaking, a step of “terminology” notwithstanding, what problems were actually understood and dealt with, by invoking a modern understanding of science, technology and so on.

Now that word has perhaps gone off. I propose a new status update of my beloved nation-state. It’s attained the status of a “quasi-modern state”. It means we have made some progress towards modernity, reluctantly yes and willingly yes, without will there is no way.

But what are the disturbing trends:

1. Police Behavior
2. Social Hazards and Social Safety
3. Access to quality basic amenities
4. Access to a convenient life

Freely inspired raccoon.

And we are all, the social guardians on twitter given to watch it do it all. We are inspired, some of us, like the small entity itself. We are given or occupied or motivated by an inspiration to figure out all the little crazy things the racoon does. We want to find out why, what motivates so much free inspiration in the racoon.

So we all engage in that act of finding. Then a silly idea comes, to someone’s mind. Lets shoot an arrow of dart at the racoon, a little poisoned at the tip. It would not kill it, it’s argued. But temporarily and at our mercy render it unconscious, so we can study it better, we can look it from close angle.

I think this is where we go wrong about the free inspiration of the world we live in. The little innocent creature isn’t even aware that a bunch of dart shooters are aiming at it.

Someone may argue this does not fit with the so called freely inspired twitter racoon. This guy invades our space our privacy. This guy sends offending tweets.

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