What are nonconformists, social views over the years.

Urban Dictionary is cool.

Good definitions get good Rating. Look at some bad responses also.

( — Usually by those who are real losers, you can disagree but you can’t put someone down, these are not definition you are giving these are your temporary feelings you are giving)

A few illustrations from Good answers first:


( — This answer was pt.1, it received 419 up/likes and  88 down/dislikes, Note from link the statistics has increased over the year by 100 likes more and 24 dislikes more and the answer was from 2005, hence gives a good overview and objectivity of people’s responses. My View: he proves he is approaching the question with a degree of reasonable objectivity )

Contrary to popular belief, there IS such a thing as a nonconformist. However, they ARE rare. True nonconformists conform to their OWN ideas ( — which, in reality is not conforming at all). Since they only conform to themselves, they come in all different forms, depending on what type of person they are. In short, a nonconformist is a totally honest and transparent person who says what they think does what they want.

( — This was pt.2, it received 252 up/likes, 55 down/dislikes )

A nonconformist is a person who does not conform to the trends, of the average person. A true nonconformist does what they want to do and not what other people want them to do. This is not to be confused with an anti-conformist, which is a person who does the opposite of what the typical person does. Anti-conformists often call themselves nonconformists, because they don’t know any better.

( — This was pt.20, it received 12 up/likes, 48 down/dislikes, My View; see how he becomes a loser himself, disagree do NOT cut some one off )

a word made up by losers who hate people with lives, definition: people without lives

( — This was pt.16, it received 23 up/likes, 56 down/dislikes, My View; he is perhaps only talking about himself or his temporary feelings rather than a definition, an objective definition at something being discussed in a public forum )

A total douche-bag, someone who thinks they’re cool by creating a negative stereotype of themselves. Basically a person with no friends.

( This was pt.15, 29 up/likes, 33 down/dislikes, My View: like there is one main-stream society,  anyway the response is simply to follow other negative examples of responses and not from objectivity of approach)

The most retarded, unpleasant conformists alive. In a pathetic attempt to boost their own self-esteem by being “different“, nonconformists put down everything that is accepted and liked by mainstream society

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