I am initiating a piece of debate that can be personally un-tasteful to some or at the outset an irrelevant one. But I am of such an opinion and I have a view which is based on such an opinion. Therefore howsoever crippling it may be towards my own good, I am unable to think that its untrue.

Without any further glassblowing therefore, I am cutting right into what I am proposing. India needs to outsource science and create a formidable scientific great wall before the world will truly take note of its tremendous “scientific GDP”. [don’t de-abbreviate it].

While India can talk about its reasonable history and modern day activities of science its still not considered a bastion of science much in the sense of many advanced countries.

If an outsourcing like process for the creation of science and a culture of science can ensue, the later can take shape in as less as 5 to 10 years of trade like efforts, as compared to a war like effort. Yes, science benefits more from trading, of ideas, of equipments, of programs, of human power and so on, more than it does from politicking which is essential but not very fruitful.

Now what an outsourcing is?

What we do essentially is we transfer skills or services or products usually from one source to another for reasons of trade benefit or simply saying profit. How can we outsource scientific knowledge, skills, acumen, technology, process and the stringent of them all, a quality criteria?

Well we can take an exact clue from the example of business outsourcing. What we essentially do in a business outsourcing is directly transfer the technology to a destination regime [from a source regime] and then formulate or strategize business transactions, transfer or train the crew in a destination regime [or business enterprise?] and have a communication line up for checking any specifically defined business process such as a timely finish of a product or solution, a regular communication meeting and so on.

One can say , ah we already have a name for it, in the scientific world. Its called collaboration. But my point is how effectively do we really collaborate in scientific conglomerates across the globe, that business transactions are so much more effective and quality satisfying than one between scientific communities in two different nations.

I have one answer and you may come up with one. My answer is science is often offered a ridiculously and shamelessly lower strata in many societies, including the west, where, while science can seem to be envious to one from far east and middle east and no man’s east, its still accorded a very low and often misleading priority compared to an unnecessary brouhaha, blame it on media, the political herd or some one’s watch, it sticks like a strain of ink blotted on my shirt or yours.

So in this lower priority of scientific matters we lead a life of culturally and morally lowered self esteem but if we have the money or line of credit we purchase the best of the best of scientific or technological invention.

Now I have made my point. If you do science in Uganda you have to stay put with that country’s material prowess to purchase a scientific necessity and non-necessities and if you stay put with the economy of United States of Austerimeca [oops mis-spelled] you have to purchase in accordance with that country’s whim.

So there lies the road-blocks of science. It does not work on the basis of a business constraint [and it should not] But here is my point: it should made to work like one to bring further credits of quality into the name and game of science.

Open up the jobs of science in one country for people in another for the over all benefit of the mission of a specific objective. And that’s a kind of outsourcing, you would agree.

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